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Interactive DOS batch files with timeout trap.
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Interactive DOS batch files with timeout trap.
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Contents of the CHOICES2.DOC file


Copyright 1987 Ted W. Allen. All rights reserved.

CHOICES2 is designed to be used with DOS batch files in an
interactive mode. The batch file programmer presents the menu and
then calls CHOICES2. CHOICES2 will request the user to "Enter the
number of your choice". That number will be passed on to the DOS
variable ERRORLEVEL. By using "IF ERRORLEVEL x" in the DOS batch
file, the programmer can branch off the user's response to the
menu. The user can enter numbers between 0 and 250; numbers
larger than that will be considered an error and result in 251
being passed to ERRORLEVEL. Letters in the response or a totally
blank response will also result in ERRORLEVEL being set to 251.
Leading blanks, up to two, are discarded. Trailing blanks are
treated similarly.

CHOICES2 will return an ERRORLEVEL code of 254 if no response has
been made for four minutes. This is to allow the user to call whatever
utilities desired when the system has been inactive for some time.

A very simple system manager has been included with this archived file to
show how the CHOICES2 program might be used. The system manager calls
three screens, also included. You will have to modify the system
manager for actual use on your system. Be forewarned, the batch file
is slow, but what do you want for nothing? To exit the batch file you
will have to use Ctrl-Break.

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