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Extract .ZIP files & re ZIP w/optimum compression.
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Extract .ZIP files & re ZIP w/optimum compression.
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Contents of the ZIPTMIZE.DOC file

Ziptimize v1.3 - MJP Enterprises

Syntax: ZIPTIMIZE filespec [/R]
Wildcards accepted, /R generates a report.

Ziptimize will extract all files from a Zip and re-Zip them with the
optimimum compression method. This can be a slow process, but it is
very effective. PKZIP/PKUNZIP are searched for in the current file
path and also in an environment variable ZIPDIR. Wildcards are now
supported in this version.

Please let me know how you think this program could be improved through
the following address/phone number or any BBS you see my name on.

Matthew J. Palcic
1030 Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd.
Xenia, Ohio 45385-9508

2/20/89 - Initial release v1.0
2/25/89 - v1.1 released
Added support for Wildcards
Added logic to prevent redundant Shrinking.
2/25/89 - v1.2 released
Fixed bug in Wildcard search
Report of overall savings added
2/27/89 - v1.3 released
Fixed a bug in redundancy check
Report file added with /R option to show methods chosen
Note: if a file is stored, the method actually used to add
the file to the ZIP is shown because there is no parameter
to force storing.

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