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Checks the speed of your floppy drive.
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Checks the speed of your floppy drive.
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Sydex Diskette RPM Test

March 18, 1990

Copyright 1990, Sydex
153 North Murphy Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 739-4866 (voice)
(408) 738-2860 (FAX)

This test determines the rotational speed of any diskette drive
connected to the primary, or only, diskette adapter. It is non-
destructive in operation and requires only a formatted diskette
to operate.

For most DOS applications, diskette rotation speed is not criti-
cal, as there is usually plenty of tolerance in the diskette for-
mat to take up small variations in speed. However, when format-
ting diskettes for use in special applications where the data is-
more densely packed, a too-fast drive will cause some of the for-
matting information to be lost.

Lately, we've encountered a few instances of these too-fast
drives, which seem to be more common among the Korean and
Taiwanese brands. If you possess the technical knowledge to ad-
just the speed of your drive, then this may be used to verify
that you've done your work correctly. If not, this test will
serve as a tool for selecting a drive that meets your needs.

Well-adjusted 5.25" 360K and all 3.5" 720K and 1.44M diskette
drives spin at 300 revolutions per minute (RPM). A high-density
1.2Mb 5.25" drive and all 8" drives spin at 360 RPM. It's much
preferable to have a drive that is spinning slightly slow (e.g.,
296 RPM instead of 300) than to have one which is slightly fast
(e.g. 305 RPM).

To verify the speed of a diskette drive, simply enter this com-
mand as:

RPM d:

Where d: is the letter of the drive to be tested. A running dis-
play of the current drive speed, updated approximately twice per
second will be shown. To exit, simply press ESCape or remove the

This program is released for non-commercial general use by Sydex.
No fee may be charged for it, although a distribution fee, not to
exceed $5.00 may be requested to cover the costs of duplication
and distribution.


Sydex has an expanding line of shareware storage-managment
software. If you're not familiar with our offerings, please take
the time to investigate them!

AnaDisk -- The compleat diskette utility. Nothing like it
anywhere else; scan, edit, repair and copy just about any
kind of diskette. $25.00 ($150.00 site) registration fee.

Con>Format -- Concurrent "background" diskette formatter.
Features "pop-up" operation and "hot key" activation.
You've got to see it to believe. Supports all current DOS
formats. $15.00 ($50.00 site) registration fee.

22DISK -- Transfer files, format, examine and erase files on
"foreign" CP/M diskettes on your PC. Includes tips on sup-
porting 8" and 5.25" single-density diskettes. Contains
definitions for over 200 different formats. $25.00 ($100.00
site) registration fee.

22NICE -- A CP/M 2.2 emulation package. Supports the NEC
V-series chips or performs emulation by software for both
the 8080 and Z80 processors. Includes terminal emulation
and diskette handling for common CP/M systems. Includes
22DISK. $40.00 ($150.00 site) registration fee.

TeleDisk -- Turn any diskette into a compressed data file
and vice-versa. Allows you to send and receive entire dis-
kettes via modem. Even works with some "copy-protected" dis-
kettes. $20.00 ($65.00 site) registration fee.

COPYQM -- Mass diskette duplicator. Format, copy and verify
multiple diskettes from a single master. Implements "no
keyboard" interaction mode and drive "round robin" servic-
ing. Supports all standard DOS formats. $15.00 ($50.00
site) registration fee.

FORMATQM -- Mass diskette formatter - format a box of dis-
kettes at a single sitting. Implements "no keyboard" inter-
action mode and drive "round robin" servicing. Supports all
standard DOS formats. $10.00 ($40.00 site) registration

Sydex also offers a line of DOS device drivers to enable a PC to
read, write and format MS-DOS diskettes from the DEC Rainbow, HP-
150, Eagle 1600 and Sharp 5641.

Information on any of these products can be obtained from Sydex
by calling (408) 739-4866 (voice) or by leaving a request on our
Bulletin Board System (408) 738-2860 (1200-9600 bps, N81).


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