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Execute command at predetermined time.
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Execute command at predetermined time.
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Contents of the WAKEUP.DOC file

Date: 09-20-86 (15:48) Number: 98
To: ALL Refer#: NONE
From: KEITH GRAHAM Recv'd: (N/A)

I wrote a program for you guys called wakeup.com. It will enter at the
keyboard any string of letters, function keys, etc at any given time.
It grabs the timer and kbd interrupts and at a preset time will fake
the machine into thinking a string is being entered at the keyboard.
It can be a little dangerous, for instance, do not set it up to enter
"/QY" when your boss is going to do his spreadsheets on 123, it would
loose everything for him.
Give it a try and let me know if it works.

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