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Gas gauge program for laptop users. TSR measures battery power left.
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Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Gas gauge program for laptop users. TSR measures battery power left.
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Contents of the DISTRIB.DOC file

Electronic Technologies
3985 S. Rochester Road, Suite H.
Rochester, Michigan 48063

Compuserve ID: 70337,1654
A/R BBS (313) 691-9291

(As of September 1, 1989)

1. Distributors of Shareware whether profit or non-profit, User Groups, and/or
Schools MUST get written approval from Electronic Technologies to
distribute ANY of our programs. No Vendor, nor Distributor, nor User
Group, nor School can assume to have Electronic Technologies' approval by
any time default or lack of communication. YOU WILL RECEIVE WRITTEN

2. No price or consideration may be charged for our shareware programs.
However, a distribution cost may be charged for the cost of the diskettes,
shipping, and handling, not to exceed $10 per diskette.

3. The files and programs to be distributed may not be modified or deleted.

4. The programs may not be sold as part of any other software package without
express written approval from Electronic Technologies.

5. The programs cannot be "loaned", "leased" or rented to others.

6. If you're copying the disks for distribution to students in a classroom,
you must provide them with the following written notice:

"These programs are distributed to you through the courtesy of your school
and Electronic Technologies. No royalty or license fee has been paid for
these programs, which are for your use and evaluation as a student. If you
wish to receive announcements of updates and improvements, you must first
become a licensed user. You may do that by purchasing each program you
plan to use from Electronic Technologies, 3985 S. Rochester Road, Suite H.,
Rochester, MI 48063."

7. When this program is used on a network, one licensed copy of the program
must be purchased for each station on which this program operates.

8. Any vendor, user group, or school violating any of our requirements
understands that any previous permission to distribute our programs will be

I/We understand all of Electronic Technologies' "Vendors, User Groups,
and Schools" requirements and agree to abide by them.

____________________________________ _______________
signature date

____________________________________ ___________________________________
Company name telephone number

Complete mailing address

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