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Baker’s Dozen/Screen/disk/file utils/1-page.
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DOZEN.BAT 128 26 deflated
DOZEN.TBL 896 539 deflated
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GKEY.EXE 5120 2277 deflated
LOCATE.EXE 6144 3213 deflated
ORDER 2048 786 deflated
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PC_SORT.EXE 10752 5288 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

| Welcome to "User Supported Software". |
| This remarkable revolution in software distribution |
| was co-pioneered in 1982 by Jim Button and Andrew |
| Fluegelman. It has become a major force in the |
| software industry, helping to drive software prices |
| down and to eliminate copy protection schemes. |


You are encouraged to copy the program diskettes and share them freely
with others. You have the luxury of trying out the complete programs,
at your own pace and in the luxury of your own home or workplace.
This is not a crippled or "demo" copy, but the complete working
version of the program.

If, after trying out the programs, you decide to continue to use them,
you are trusted to purchase the programs from the program's author, or
from an authorized dealer.

Why pay at all? We're glad you asked!
* You receive a CURRENT copy of the program with a printed
manual (where applicable)
* One year of technical support - by phone or written
* Notification of updates (and fixes, if required)
* Inexpensive upgrade offers
* Notification of new products
* Your input and ideas help shape future products
* Periodic offers and "deals" (for our customers only)
* Access to the online ButtonWare Bulletin Board, which
- Information and announcements (on line)
- Communication with other ButtonWare users
- More technical support, and helpful tips/pointers
* A sense of pride and ownership, in having honestly
participated in the User Supported Software revolution
* You help to keep software prices down, by supporting a
distribution method which doesn't rely on expensive
advertising campaigns.

So please, dive in and enjoy the fun of sharing good software legally
with your friends and associates. But please be aware of the
following restrictions, designed to protect the community of User
Supported Software users and authors, and to prevent certain greedy
people from taking unfair advantage of the trust, hard work, and good
will of User Supported Software authors:

1. No price or consideration may be charged. However, a distribution
cost may be charged for the cost of the diskette, shipping, and
handling, so long as it's not more than $9 total.

2. The files and programs on the disks can not be modified in any
way, and must always be distributed together.

3. The programs cannot be sold as part of some other more inclusive

4. The programs cannot be "rented" or "leased" to others.

5. The printed manuals cannot be copied or reproduced in any way.

6. In the case of distribution via computerized "bulletin boards" or
through any other telecommunications link the following must be
* X-Modem or some other error checking protocol must be used
* All ButtonWare programs (and documentation files) must be
transferred in library format. That means the files have
all been combined into one file. You can get assistance with
this procedure from the Technical Support Department at

7. If you're copying the disks for distribution to students in a
classroom, you must provide them with the following written notice:

| These diskettes are distributed to you through the |
| courtesy of your school and instructor, and |
| Jim Button. No royalty or registration fee has |
| been paid for the programs, which are for your use |
| and evaluation as a student. |
| |
| If you wish to receive technical support from |
| ButtonWare, as well as announcements of updates and |
| improvements to the programs, you must first become |
| a "registered user." You do that by purchasing |
| each program you plan to use - from an authorized |
| dealer or directly from ButtonWare: |
| |
| Jim Button |
| P.O. Box 5786 |
| Bellevue, WA 98006 |
| |
| You may also register by calling our toll-free |
| order line, 1-800-JBUTTON. |

Shell to run many of the Baker's Dozen programs. Runs
BAKERS12.EXE using file DOZEN.TBL. Only intended to
help you get started. Normally you should run Baker's
Dozen programs by themselves.

To start:

Select options. When finished, press X or Esc.

One page spreadsheet. Help screens. Requires 256K,
full IBM PC compatability.

To start:
C>bttncalc f=m b=n filespec

where: m specifies the foreground color
= 0,1,2,...9,A,...F
n specifies the background color
= 0,1,2....7
filespec is the full filespec of a previously saved

NOTE: no parameters are needed. Defaults to current
screen colors. Previously saved files may be
brought in from within BUTTON-CALC.

Programmable date calendar. Uses about 9K with all data
in CAL.DAT. May be made resident with the r=Y option.

To make resident:
C>calendar i=cal.dat r=Y f=F b=4 h=E m="message" k=6400

i= full filespec of input data file
r= Y to make resident
f= foreground color in hex
b= background color in hex
h= highlight color in hex
m= message to display inside
k= hot key (scancode plus character in hex)

defaults: not resident
white on blue with red highlighting
no message
Alt7 hot key
no calendar data.

C>calendar i=cal.dat r=Y (normal way to make resident)

Disk utility program. Requires at least 256K and full
IBM PC compatability.

No input parameters.
Numerous help screens (press F1 at almost any time).
Change file or directory date/time, restore lost file,
patch files, modify FAT, and much more.

To start:

Compare two ASCII text files. Size of files limited to
available memory.

will present program instructions.

To start:
C>filecomp pathspec1 pathspec2 u=x m=x b=x >redirspec

where: pathspec1 first of two files to compare
pathspec2 second of two files to compare
u=n display unique line numbers
u=l display unique lines
m=n display map of matching line numbers
m=l display map of matching lines
b=x remove all spaces
>redirspec where to save output if not screen.

minimum parameters to run:
C>filecomp pathspec1 pathspec2

Provides all keyboard information - key number pressed
or released, hexadecimal and decimal table of ASCII
character set, scancodes and valid keystrokes. No

To start:

Find any file(s) on disk or find in which file(s) a
given string occurs.

To start:
will present a screen of instructions.

C>locate filespec string /c /i /t >output

filespec is the starting location and definition of
the search files.
string is the string to search for and must be
enclosed in quotes.
/c look in children directories as well as
starting location when search for strings.
/i case insensitive search for string.
/t display line of text in which string
>output location to save output file if not sent
to screen.

C>locate c:\*.DOC
find all .DOC files on C drive.
C>locate c:\*.DOC "funny"
find all .DOC files in root directory of C which
contain the string funny.
C>locate c:\*.DOC "funny" /C
like above except all .DOC files on disk C
C>locate "funny" /i /t >save
find all the files on default directory which
contain the string(s) funny, FUNNY, Funny, ..., and
save this information in the file SAVE on the
default directory. Also display the lines of text
in which the strings were located.

Print files at 90 degrees (also prints normally).
Requires full IBM PC compatability and an Epson
compatible printer. (If not fully compatible with IBM
PC, may run using parameters.

To start:
C>p90 then answer menu questions.

To run with parameters:
C>p90 f=fs w=# d=h s=n t=# n=# l=# m=# p=1 q=y b=n

where: f= filespec of the file to print.
w= 8,9, .. 16 sheet width in inches
d= h or v direction (horizontal 90 deg) (vert)
s= c or n print density (compressed) (normal)
t= # number of blank lines at top of page
n= # spaces for left margin
l= # max lines per page
m= # max line length
p= # number of formfeeds after each page
q= y or n print formfeed at end of file (yes no)
b= y or n double strike each line (yes no)

(Parameters intended for .BAT files).

Sort files with up to 4 fields where each field may be
ascending or descending, case sensitive or case

To start:

Answer menu of questions. To run with parameters,
especially from .BAT files:

C>pc_sort output
sorts file INPUT as ascending, case sensitive, for the
enter length of each line, and saves the results in file

C>pc_sort output /d/s/C#/L# /FdsC#L# .. /FdsC#L#
Like above except field 1 defined as /d/sC#/L# and
fields 2, 3 and 4 defined as /FdsC#L#
d = A or D for ascending or descending.
s = I or S for case insensitive or case sensitive.
# is a number.
C# = beginning column number for field.
L# = length of field.

/F indicates beginning the definition of a new

Redirects all information normally sent to your printer
to a disk file of your choice.

To start:

You will be asked for program to run and where to save
printer output.

You may specify the program to run and its parameters as
C>prn_file pclabel a:dflt.lbl

in which case you would not be asked for the program to
run from within PRN_FILE.

Remove subdirectory including all files and all children

will present a screen of instructions.

To start:
C>rdir pathspec

The directory named in pathspec will be removed after
user confirmation. If no disk is given, default drive
is assumed.

Used to set screen border color and default screen
colors. Requires the line DEVICE=ANSI.SYS in CONFIG.SYS
file and full IBM PC compatability. No parameters.

To start:

Select the colors you want and then exit the program.
Creates the file SETSCRN.COM which you may then use in
your AUTOEXEC.BAT file and to reset screen colors. Does
not work with Borland's Lightning.

Take pictures of any 80 column screen (not graphics) in
any program. May be installed as resident program, but
not necessary. Requires full IBM PC compatability.

To start:
C>snapshot s=res c=n f=filespec b=on

where: s=res causes program to becom resident.
c=n provides background color for review
screen. (n=1,2..6)
f=filespec name and location of where snapshots
should be stored. There must be no file
extension. E.g. c:\subdir\snap
b=on for PC-TYPE owners, this option will
distinguish between high and low intensity
and turn bold printing on or off

Minimum parameters to run:


Will not be resident, hence you will be asked to enter
the program of which you want to take snapshots. Review
screen will be black and white. Snapshots will be saved
in files SNAPSHOT.NN on default directory where NN will
be 01, 02, .... 99. No PC-TYPE bolding.

To take a snapshot, press Alt Ctrl P. To review
snapshots, press Alt Ctrl R.

Switch RS-232 ports for COM1 and COM2. No parameters.

To start:

Switch printer ports for LPT1 and LPT2. No parameters.

To start:

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