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Allows a program to be swapped out of memory when you Drop-To-DOS.
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Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Allows a program to be swapped out of memory when you Drop-To-DOS.
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Download File SWAPDOS.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

The SWAP Utilities(TM)


Version 1.00


(c) Copyright 1988-1990 Nico Mak - All Rights Reserved
Distributed under License by Innovative Data Concepts


Copyright 1990, Innovative Data Concepts
All Rights Reserved

Installing the Shareware Version

Normally, this documentation file and all the supporting files are
distributed as the file, "SWAPDS.COM", which is a self-extracting archive
file. To extract all the files, type:


At the DOS prompt. That will create the program files. To print this
documentation, type:


The documentation is formatted for 58 lines per page, with 75 characters
per line, to permit easy printing on the widest variety of dot-matrix and
laser printers.

Files in the archive

SWAPDOS.COM..............The SWAPDOS Program
SWAPDOS.DOC..............The Program's Documentation
IDCBRAND.COM.............The IDC 'Brand' Program
ORDER.DOC................Order Form and Site License Information
VENDOR.DOC...............Distribution Requirements for Shareware
Disk Vendors
READ.ME..................Late-breaking Information about SWAPDOS


At the DOS prompt, from the directory that contains SWAPDOS.COM, type:


You will be asked to enter your name (registered versions will also be
asked for a serial number). ONCE THE PROGAM IS BRANDED, IT MAY NOT BE RE-
INSTALLED without copying from the original master diskette! Make sure the
information is correct, and press [ENTER] to confirm.

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