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Speed up AT floppy disk access.
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Speed up AT floppy disk access.
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CONTACT: Keith P. Graham at PC-Rockland BBS (914) 353-2157

DESCRIPTION: Small utility to speed up AT diskette drive access
by changing disk table paramters and limiting hard
diskette resets.

USAGE: ATSPEED is a TSR. Entering ATSPEED at the DOS prompt or by
placing ATSPEED in the AUTOEXEC.BAT will make ATSPEED go
resident. ATSPEED first changes the default disk table to
alter stepper rate and keep the disk drive motor on longer.
This will speed up most floppy drives effective thoughput.
The resident portion acts by continually telling the bios that
it is not neccessary to keep resetting the disk drives and
limits the AT's tendancy to pause before accessing a 1.2M

NOTE: First version had a type and did not do much good. This is
a bug fix version.

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