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Procomm Mouse Menu for use with Logi Mouse & MS Mouse.
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Procomm Mouse Menu for use with Logi Mouse & MS Mouse.
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Contents of the PROLOGI.DOC file

ProLogi Version 1.1 ProComm Mouse Menu
Created: January 2, 1987
Author: Cam DeBuck

Original Menu: ProMouse Version 1.0 ProComm Mouse Menu
Created: March 8, 1986
Author: Pedro Paul Polakoff III

ProLogi Menu Version 1.1 is for use with a Logimouse and
ProCOMM Version 2.4. It places all Procomm commands into easy to use
Mouse menus for those of you partial to your furry friend with the tail.


Main Menu places all ProComm commands at a single Mouse Click.
Upload / Download Protocal menus make protocal selection a Click away Fully user changeable, Definition file is included in Archive
Popup menu overlays Procomm File Transfer Protocals.
Popup menu overlays Auto Dialer command section of screen.


Left Button: Upload / Download Menu when in either mode
Left Button: Dial Menu when dialing directory is displayed
Left Button: Main menu when none of the above are true
Right Button: Carrige Return
Middle Button: Escape

Movement: Full Cursor control with Mouse for menu choice selection,
scroll thru your command files & Phone directory.


PROCOMM.DEF Souce Code for Mouse Menu
PROCOMM.MNU Compiled Mouse Menu


start Procomm as usual, press left button and you're off.

To use with CLICK add the following line to your CLICK.SRC file

Procomm menu ; Procomm Communications Program

then: recompile click NEWCLICK
reboot your system and the mouse menu will automatically load
when you start Procomm.

Please feel free to distribute, modify, and use this Mouse Menu.
If you would like to comment on it, suggest enhancements, or offer
modifications to it, you may do so by:

1. Leave a Parti message in IBMSIG EXCHANGE.
2. Leave a sysop message on my TComm BBS
(404) 461-5947 Atlanta, GA area.

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