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Redirect standard output to multiple devices.

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Fork 3.3 - A DOS utility which allows you to
redirect standard output to multiple devices

File FORK33.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Redirect standard output to multiple devices.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 94 88 deflated
FORK.COM 855 652 deflated
FORK.TXT 2028 997 deflated
README.1ST 2047 1150 deflated
RHIZOME.TXT 881 500 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Fork 3.3 - A DOS utility which allows you to
redirect standard output to multiple devices


Fork v3.3 by Robert Rothenburg Walking-Owl

This archive should contain the following files:

File Name Length Description
FILE_ID DIZ 94 Standard BBS description file.
FORK TXT 2028 Brief documentation for FORK.COM
FORK COM 855 The Fork executable.
RHIZOME TXT 881 Blurb.

To validate, use MD5SUM (available with PGP-sources) or an equivalent
MD5 (Message Digest 5) hashing utility to check these values. If you
have a copy of MD5SUM, use: 'md5sum -cv fork.md5' to check thse.

--- cut: FORK.MD5 ---
73e66f365823d65e7c504789af62d7c6 *FILE_ID.DIZ
214465bd8abbb4e15df5589b44098cdf *FORK.TXT
5d66e8ea974165ed509ac00beac0e343 *FORK.COM
32e1f4b21cf9fa1661dfd6bf07fc6cee *RHIZOME.TXT
--- end: FORK.MD5 ---

Or, if you have a copy of CHKFILE (available as a DOS debug-script on
many shareware and anti-virus echos/networks) you can compare against
these values.

CHKFILE 1.0 PCDATA TOOLKIT (C) 1990 Ziff Communications Co.
PC Magazine Wolfgang Stiller. Checking: *.*

File Name + Check Check File Update Update
Extension: Val1: Val2: Size: Date: Time:
---------- ---- ---- ----- ------ ------
FILE_ID.DIZ 1FFE B9E0 5E 03/19/94 12:52:38
FORK.TXT 9A4E 1A40 7EC 04/01/94 17:37:18
FORK.COM 2A8C 91D4 357 04/01/94 17:37:18
RHIZOME.TXT 180B 73FC 371 03/27/94 18:10:12

If you have any questions of comments, write:
PGP-Key available from keyservers.

Version: 2.3a


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