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Compress text & com files into a self-extracting com file.
File SCRNCH.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Compress text & com files into a self-extracting com file.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PRTPARM.COM 54 54 stored
READ.ME 1691 722 deflated
SCRDOC.COM 28336 27431 deflated
SCRNCH.COM 8081 7767 deflated
SCRXR.BIN 757 630 deflated
SCRXR.STB 418 409 deflated
SCRXR.TXT 339 232 deflated
SCRXW.BIN 1798 1289 deflated
SCRXW.STB 1276 968 deflated
SCRXW.TXT 522 326 deflated
TESTR.BAT 482 269 deflated
TESTW.BAT 605 313 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Contents of this Package
------------------------ This file: contents, deSCRNCHing info, etc. Documentation, SCRNCHed SCRNCH program
testr.bat For testing Run Mode exit .TXT files
testw.bat For testing Write Mode exit .TXT files
scrxr.stb Program portion of Run Mode sample exit
scrxw.stb Program portion of Write Mode sample exit
scrxr.txt Text portion of Run Mode sample exit
scrxw.txt Text portion of Write Mode sample exit
scrxr.bin Run Mode sample exit
scrxw.bin Write Mode sample exit A sample program to be SCRNCHed

What to do first

At the DOS prompt, type SCRDOC. You will see instructions
telling you how to create the documentation file.


If you don't get the expected result, perhaps there is an error.
Look for the following error messages:

Out of memory.

This means you must remove some resident software from
memory. Try rebooting, perhaps from the DOS distribution
diskette, and then try deSCRNCHing again. You need at least
140K available to run SCRDOC.

Bad copy.

This means your copy of SCRDOC.COM has an error in it. You
should obtain a new copy.

Error writing.

Perhaps there is a problem with the disk drive or media
you're writing to. Narrow down the problem by using other
programs (e.g. the DOS COPY command) to attempt to write to
the same disk.

Disk full.

You'll have to clear away some space, and then try
deSCRNCHing again. If you're using a floppy disk, be sure
it is formatted properly.

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