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Device driver to PAUSE the screen in the CONFIG.SYS just like batch file. Does NOT take any RAM after functioning.
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Device driver to PAUSE the screen in the CONFIG.SYS just like batch file. Does NOT take any RAM after functioning.
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Contents of the PAUSE.DOC file

PAUSE Version 1.0 (c) 1991 W.Parke

PAUSE.DVD is a temporary device driver which, when defined in the DOS
CONFIG.SYS file, forces the screen to pause, in the same way that
the command PAUSE in a batch file forces a pause.

The designed purpose for PAUSE.DVD is to give time to review the
installation messages produced by other device drivers. For example,
the EMM386 device driver in DOS 5.0 gives almost a full screen defining
its current configuration. Some of the information reported on that
screen is needed to optimize the installation of device drivers into the
upper memory area. However, with several device drivers being loaded
in sequence, each scrolling the screen, it may be difficult to read any
one report in time before it scrolls off the screen. Applying ^S and ^Q
to stop and start the screen is unsatisfactory, as the particular point
within a program at which the ^S is recognized is uncertain, and the
timing of this key relative to the progress of the display is critical,

making it even more difficult.

To force the system to wait for keyboard activity just after loading
a device driver, but before loading another, put PAUSE.DVD in the
directory where you store your device drivers and use the syntax:


in your CONFIG.SYS file just after the line which loads the driver whose
report you wish to read.

For example, if you wish to review the EMM386 report, two lines in
you CONFIG.SYS file might look like this:


After rebooting your machine, the line

"Press any key to continue..."

will appear after the EMM driver report. You may press the Enter key
to continue the booting process.

To disable the PAUSE.DVD device driver, place the word REM in front
of the word DEVICE in the CONFIG.SYS file line which loads the driver.
For example,


or delete the line altogether.

The device driver PAUSE.DVD is only temporarily loaded into memory. It
does not take ANY space in RAM after it finishes its job.

Note that, unlike the PAUSE (internal) command for batch files, the
use of ^C when PAUSE has loaded during system configuration does not
terminate the configuration operation.

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