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Format ordinary 5 1/4 floppies to 720K & 800K.
File 800II140.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Format ordinary 5 1/4 floppies to 720K & 800K.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
800.COM 26434 7049 deflated
800.DOC 2297 1169 deflated

Download File 800II140.ZIP Here

Contents of the 800.DOC file

NOTE: This is not the manual of the program, it a simple
and short intro. The complete manual could be obtained

800 /?

and the user manual will be written on screen.

800 II version 1.40

A fine software developed in Italy, land of navigators,
artists and now.... programmers !!!!

800 II is a small and useful utility that allows an AT
drive to format standard Double Side - Double Density
floppy to the astonishing capacity of 806400 bytes.

It also permits to format other kinds of floppies, being
compatible with regular 360 Kbyte, High Density AT drives
and 720/1440 Kbyte 3.5 inches drives.

800 install itself resident in memory, eating only less
than 900 bytes of memory. Do not worry if the program is
long more than 25 Kbytes, it includes a complete manual in

To obtain further info on the program, and all the manual
simply type:

800 /?

A complete manual, in English or also italian (if you want)
will come on your screen.

I and a dozen (and maybe more) of my friend have tested
this program for about a month, using it dayly with all the
kind of floppies and drives possible and we haven't lose a
single byte from a floppy.

If you find this program useful a donation of 10 dollars
(or a equivalent value in other currency) will be great

Send money, suggestion, bug report and every kind of things
you could think to:

41100 MODENA

Good Work...

PS: Italian do it better ?!?!?! Maybe....

The 800 program is Public Domain, it could be freely
copied, distributed and posted on BBS system without
explicit permission of the author. Just do not remove or
modify none of the copyright or help notices.

It's absolutely forbidden to modify the program and then
redistribute it to other people. The original file is long
26434 bytes, its date is 3-22-89 and time is 5:34 pm.

This means that if you will modify also a single byte of
program using a sector editor, debug or similar stuff you
will be punished, and Santa Klaus will not come to you next
Xmas. You have been warned....

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