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Format 720K 3.5" disks reliably with a PC/XT/AT.
File SDF.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Format 720K 3.5″ disks reliably with a PC/XT/AT.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FLOP2.ASM 12121 4550 deflated
FLOP2.COM 518 436 deflated
READ.ME 1443 763 deflated
SDF.ASM 23808 8444 deflated
SDF.COM 5605 2038 deflated
SDF.DOC 5974 2836 deflated

Download File SDF.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

The SDF archive contains the following files :

- READ.ME : this one,

- SDF.DOC : a description of SDF.COM and tune up considerations
- SDF.ASM : the source code (MASM Version 2 used)
- SDF.COM : the executable program.

- FLOP2.ASM : a revision of FLOP.ASM originally by Rick Housh to make the
programwell behaved and do what it was intended to do (Sorry Rick).
- FLOP2.COM : the executable.

Rick Housh and Dr Katz retain their copyright on the ideas and the FLOP/FLOP2

* *
* I put SDF in the public domain, authorizing anybody to use it, to give *
* it, or to do anything he wants with it, BUT I STRICTLY FORBID ANYONE TO *
* SELL IT OR OTHERWISE MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT. Only distribution costs *
* might be charged and may not exceed $5. I will assume no responsability *
* for any damage or loss of data resulting of the use of this program. *
* To my best knowledge, it is in good working condition and performs as *
* indicated in the accompanying documentation. Anyway, I am prepared to *
* respond to any query about the SDF program, and to try to improve it. *
* *

Jacques PiersonCIS 76446,1516November 15, 1987.
Computation Center,
University of Namur
Rue Grandgagnage, 21
B-5000 NAMUR (Belgium)

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