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Utilities to turn on & off the internal cache of a 486 processor.
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Utilities to turn on & off the internal cache of a 486 processor.
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Here's a couple tiny utilities for turning on or off the internal cache
of a 486 Processor. These are mainly useful for turning off the cache for
older programs that don't behave correctly with the internal cache turned on.

CACHEOFF.COM - turns off and invalidates the internal cache.
CACHEON.COM - turns on the internal cache.

One program I have that these are useful for is Red Baron (the only
flight simulator I've ever liked - except for Sopwith of course). The FM
sound doesn't work properly on my computer with the cache on, so I created a
batch file to turn the cache off, run the game, then turn the cache back on.

@Echo Off
Cd Baron
Cd ..

I release these programs entirely into the Public Domain, but I can
still be contacted in case of questions at the following places:

Michael Caldwell
4826 S 8th St.
Arlington, VA 22204-1432
U. S. A.

E-Mail: [email protected]
BBS : The Programmer's Corner Columbia, MD (301)621-3424

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