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Displays current DOS interrupt (21h) being serviced. ASM source.
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Displays current DOS interrupt (21h) being serviced. ASM source.
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Contents of the DOSMON.DOC file

DOSMON - DOS Activity Monitor 14-May-86 S.H.Smith
Public domain material

'DOSMON' is a small resident utility that monitors DOS service activity.
It intercepts the DOS service interrupt and displays the function
call number on the screen during DOS calls.

The function number is displayed as two hex digits in the upper right
corner of the screen.

DOSMON accesses video ram directly to reduce overhead. It will operate with
displays that are at either B000 or B800. For other displays, you will
get the message:
DOSMON won't work if you get this message.

DOSMON does not interfere with DOS functions in any way.
The overhead for DOSMON is about 3% for programs that use
a lot of DOS functions.

may, 1989
converted to real assembly and sped up by jack velte
1(301) 441-2008

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