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ARChive Text Viewer v2.6b; S.Smith w/Turbo Pascal 4.0 source.
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ARChive Text Viewer v2.6b; S.Smith w/Turbo Pascal 4.0 source.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ARCTV.DOC 1409 720 deflated
ARCTV.EXE 21024 12358 deflated
ARCTV.PAS 3511 1492 deflated
ARCTVX.EXE 22304 12928 deflated
CINPUT.PAS 1914 607 deflated
PROUNSQ.INC 31551 7173 deflated
PROUNSQ.INT 1972 787 deflated

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Contents of the ARCTV.DOC file

'ARCTV' is a small archive text-view utility. Will allow you to directly
list out text files in an archive without first extracting them. This version
includes full source code and is compatible with network filesharing. It is
based on the archive text-view function in ProDOOR. Run ARCTV without
parameters for a summary of command syntax.

This utility can be used as a CTTY-based DOOR in systems that can provide
one or more filespecs for arc viewing.

Samuel H. Smith
The Tool Shop
(602) 279-2673

Revision history

12-Dec-87 version 2.51
Eliminated special version of prounsq2.inc; added conditional
compiles to use common library. Fixed bug in 'squeeze' handler
that would cause the message 'invalid arc header' after viewing
a member.

20-Dec-87 version 2.6
Converted to Turbo Pascal 4.0. Reduced stack requirements by 32k.

Renumbered to 2.5 so numbers will always correspond to ProDoor versions.

Updated for ProDoor 2.52; added extract option.

Updated for ProDoor 2.6 beta 7. Split into two program files:
ARCTV.EXE is the text-view only version
ARCTVX.EXE is the view/extract version.
Added file buffering during archive view. Speeds things up
quite a bit on some systems.

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