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Rated best by PC Mag — later version.
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HOTKEY v1.10
Keyboard Speedup Program for the IBM PC

On a normal PC, HOTKEY will roughly double the keyboard
auto-repeat rate. This makes moving the cursor around a LOT
faster and easier!

Most keyboard speed-up programs share an annoying trait with the
hardware repeat built into your keyboard: they keep stuffing
keystrokes into the type-ahead buffer even when the program
reading the keyboard is falling behind. This causes an
unpredictable "overshoot" when you release the key!

HOTKEY solves this problem by only repeating a key if your
keyboard type-ahead buffer is empty. This keeps the auto-repeat
in sync with each program, giving you fast auto-repeat for fast
programs and slow auto-repeat for slow programs. HOTKEY even
performs the same service on your hardware auto-repeat,
virtually eliminating overshoot while retaining the advantages
of faster operation! (Note: you can still type ahead -- just
press the same key repeatedly.)

Unlike some keyboard speed-up programs, HOTKEY does NOT have
trouble when you use Alt plus the numeric keypad to type
graphic characters - it won't run away on you!

HOTKEY should normally be installed in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file
BEFORE any other keyboard-sensitive programs.

CAUTION: Because HOTKEY does tricky things with the hardware
and BIOS, it may not work on all machines - test it carefully!

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