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Verify your backups.
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Verify your backups.
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Contents of the HOWBAD.DOC file

HowBad Documentation


HowBad is a utility program which tells you which files on your hard disk
have not been backed up. It gives you an idea of 'How bad would things
be if my hard disk crashed now?'. If you have lots of files that haven't
been backed up then maybe it's time to make a fresh backup.

Running HowBad

To run HowBad simply type HOWBAD on the DOS command line (you can cancel
at any time by typing Contrl-C). The program will sign on with the

HowBad V1.1 - What Files Aren't Backed Up

You will then be asked to supply the drive letter for your hard disk with
the question

Drive for Hard Disk [C:]?

In most computers the hard disk is drive C and you can just press RETURN.
Type the letter of your hard disk if it has a different letter.

You will then see the message

Reading Hard Disk Directory...

while HowBad looks for files that have not been backed up. If any files
are found the name, date and time of last modification are shown on the

When all files have been examined a summary is shown which tells the
number of files on the disk and the number of files which have not been
backed up. The date when the last backup was taken is also shown.

Revision History

Date/Version Activity

1/11/87 V1.1 Initial release

TDS Software January 11, 1987 Page 1

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