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Utilities for XT & AT's: Clock.com & others.
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Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Utilities for XT & AT’s: Clock.com & others.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AJU.DOC 3061 1180 deflated
AUTOPARK.COM 915 682 deflated
CLOCK.COM 687 409 deflated
CMOS.COM 1192 717 deflated
CONCEAL.COM 80 80 stored
DISKDUP.COM 9824 4879 deflated
EPW.COM 10058 4375 deflated
FREZ.COM 352 328 deflated
LOGGER.COM 1106 573 deflated
LOGRAUTO.32 28 28 stored
LOGRAUTO.33 10 10 stored
LOGRINST.BAT 2303 757 deflated
MEMVIEW.COM 7376 3445 deflated
README 353 221 deflated
TPW.COM 6906 3519 deflated
TRIM.COM 598 331 deflated

Download File AJUTIL.ZIP Here

Contents of the README file

Type or print AJU.DOC for the "manual".

You are encouraged to copy these programs freely and give then to everyone
you know. Maybe someone in the world will feel generous and send in a few
bucks for these wonderfully useful utilities (See 1st page of self-doc
-- Alan D. Jones

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