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Small program that will control Num, Caps, and Scroll lock keys.
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Small program that will control Num, Caps, and Scroll lock keys.
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Contents of the KEYCTRL.DOC file

Keyctrl is a small program that allows you to turn the Num Lock key
off on the AT&T 101 key keyboard. Simply insert the following command
anywhere in your autoexec.bat file to turn the Num Lock
key off at boot time:

Keyctrl can toggle other locked key combinations. Upper case
characters will lock keys, and lower case characters will unlock them
For example to enable Caps Lock and disable Num lock enter the following:

Keyctrl with a question mark will display all the options supported.

E:\TMP-->keyctrl ?

Keyboard Control Version 1.0

Usage: KEYCTRL [options]

Where the options are
I = Insert Key Locked i = Insert Key Unlocked
C = Caps Key Locked c = Caps Key Unlocked
N = Num Key Locked n = Num Key Unlocked
S = Scroll Key Locked s = Scroll Key Unlocked
P = Pause Key Locked p = Pause Key Unlocked
D = Display Keyboard Control Status
E = Keyboard Control Status returned as Error Code


Keyctrl can also return the decimal code of the shifted key by
using the D option. Turn the Num Lock key on and try this command:

E:\TMP-->keyctrl D

Keyctrl should return a 32 indicating that the Num lock key was on.

The E option will place the shifted key status in the Return Code.
This Return code can be checked in batch files by using the

The following batch file (x.bat) will ask for the TIME if the Num
lock key is not on. If the Num lock key is on the TIME command will
be skipped.

Keyctrl E
ECHO Time Not Set

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