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Vern Buerg's Quick Disk Reformatter. Latest Version.
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Vern Buerg’s Quick Disk Reformatter. Latest Version.
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Contents of the QDR.DOC file

Command QDR Version 4.0c
----------- July 11, 1991

Prepare a floppy diskette for re-use by formatting it quickly,
optionally with a new volume label.

QDR [d:][label] [/F] [/N] [/V] [/B] [/Q]
[/1] [/2] [/3] [/4] [/8]

The d: parameter is required and it supplies the drive letter.
A fixed disk can not be re-formatted.

You may supply a volume label (up to 11 characters) immediately
following the drive letter. For example:

QDR b:scratch

You may supply the /F option to force a full format of all
tracks. The /1, /2, /3, /4, and /8 options apply to a full
format, and specify the disk type.

Bad clusters remain marked as bad unless a full format is used,
then clusters are marked as unusable if they can not be
formatted. Use the /V (verbose) option to receive a display of
the cluster numbers that are marked as not usable.

The /N option suppresses the "press ENTER to continue" prompt.
Otherwise, press the enter key to reformat the disk, or the
ESCape key to cancel.

The DOS error level is set to 0 for successful completion, or to
1 if any errors occur.

QDR (c) Copyright Vernon D. Buerg 1986-91. All rights reserved.

Command QDR Version 4.0c
----------- July 11, 1991


/F - forced full format; uses DOS to format and verify each

/1 - forces single sided format, SSSD/8 or SSSD/9, on 360 kb
drives when /F is used.

/2 - forces DSHD format on 1440 kb capacity drives

/3 - forces DSQD format on 720 kb capacity drives

/4 - forces DSDD format on 1.2 mb capacity drives

/8 - forces 8-sector format; SSSD/8 or DSDD/8, on 360 kb drives

/N - no prompt; skips the "Press ENTER" message and reply

/V - verbose messages; displays a message for each cluster that
is marked as unusable

/B - use disk BIOS routines only for formatting; if omitted, the
DOS routines used for formatting are determined by the
version of DOS in use. This option is supplied as an
alternative to the default because QDR may not be able to
format a new diskette when certain device drivers or
versions of DOS are installed.

/Q - quick format without verification or bad track marking. If
the target disk has bad spots, write errors may result.
This option is NOT recommended for formatting new


To perform a full format of a disk sectors, use the /F options.
It is recommended that you use DOS FORMAT since QDR is not much
faster when doing a full format. Both mark bad clusters.

You may suppy /1 to force SSSD format, /4 for DSDD (360k), or /3
for DSQD (720kb), or /8 for eight-sectors (SSSD or DSDD).

Unless /F is used, the diskette must have been previously
formatted. The allowable diskette formats are: DSQD (1.2mb or
720kb), SSSD/8, SSSD/9, DSDD/8, DSDD/9, and DSHD (1.44 mb).

When information is available for other drive types, they will
be added to the data in the internal device table. Your system
hardware and software must support the device type.

Command QDR Version 4.0c
----------- July 11, 1991

Version history

Version 1.0, 2/28/86
- initial release

Version 2.7, 2/4/87
- update boot sector with device constant when using /f to
format, should correct problems with 3.5 inch dsqd drive
- correct initialization of fat (not marking bad clusters)
when using /f

Version 2.8, 2/5/87
- correct marking of fat for side 2
- improve format verification, set retries to 2
- add operator action request for drive not ready or if disk
is write protected

Version 2.9, 3/20/87
- minor correction for /3 (dsqd) formatting

Version 3.2, 10/24/87
- change meaning of /4; the default format is now the
highest density for the drive.
- allow formatting of drives under DOS 3.2 (and later?),
and new formats 3.5/720kb and 3.5/1440kb.

Version 3.3, 12/29/87
- correct /F formatting of DSQD/AT under DOS 3.1 without drivers

Version 3.3c, 1/16/88
- correct /4 (DSDD 360 kb) formatting on 1.2 mb AT drives

Version 3.3d, 1/27/88
- display error messages, e.g. "write protected disk", even
when /V option is not used

Version 3.3g, 5/06/90
- corrections for full format of high density diskettes

Version 3.3h, 9/26/90 - expand usage message
Version 3.3i, 4/21/91 - add DesqView awareness
Version 4.0a, 5/06/91 - corrections for recognition and proper
formatting of 1.44/720k drives and drives resulting from the
use of device drivers, e.g. DRIVER.SYS
Version 4.0b, 7/04/91 - corrections for DOS 5.0 and detection of
3.5"/720k drives for full format
| Version 4.0c, 7/11/91 - correct error not restoring system diskette
| parameters after /F forced format

Command QDR Version 4.0c
----------- July 11, 1991


o Reformat a previously formatted and used diskette. Write a
volume label of SCRATCH:

QDR A:scratch

o Alternately format new diskettes in drives A and B.
First, create a BAT file called TWOFOR.BAT with these commands:


Then, issue the command TWOFOR. When the last diskette has been
formatted, press ctrl-C to abort the program.

o Fully format a disk quickly using BIOS routines; suppress the
"Press ENTER" prompt:

QDR A: /fnbq

Command QDR Version 4.0c
----------- July 11, 1991


This document and the QDR.COM file comprise the QDR program
("software"). This software is copyrighted material and is
subject to limitations by the copyright holder ("author") as to
its use and distribution.

You may use the software; make copies of the software; give
copies to anyone; and distribute it via electronic means. There
is no charge for this software, but you must include a copy of
this document with any copies that you make.

You are specifically prohibited from charging or requesting
donations for any copies; from modifying the software; from
distributing the software with commercial products without prior
written permission; and from distributing this software, either
alone or with other material, and charging any fee. There are
no exceptions.

There is no warranty of any kind given. The author is not
liable for damages of any kind. By using this free software,
you agree to this.

If you are using QDR and find it of value, your gift in any
amount ($15 suggested) will be greatly appreciated. Please make
checks payable in U.S. dollars to Vernon D. Buerg. Canadian and
non-U.S. checks require excessive bank charges.

The software and documentation are:

Copyright (C) 1986-91 by Vernon D. Buerg

139 White Oak Circle
Petaluma, CA 94952

(707) 778-8944, VOR BBS
(415) 994-2944, VOR South BBS

CompuServe 70007,1212, Go IBMHW

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