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4DESC 1.83 Full-screen 4DOS file description editor with cut and paste capability. Also includes a file finder that will search descriptions.

Full Description of File

Free utilities for 4DOS/NDOS. Includes:
1) 4DESC 1.73 Full-screen 4DOS file
description editor with mouse support
and cut and paste capability. Scrollable
editing of 200-character descriptions.
Calls file viewer, editor or DOS shell.
2) 4FF 1.82 4DOS-aware file finder. Looks
inside .ZIP, .ARJ, and .LZH files.
Displays descriptions of found files.

Includes Turbo Pascal 7.0 source code.

File 4UTILS83.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
4DESC 1.83 Full-screen 4DOS file description editor with cut and paste capability. Also includes a file finder that will search descriptions.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
4DESC.EXE 47872 23323 deflated
4DESC.PAS 37494 8296 deflated
4DESC.TXT 1799 807 deflated
4DESC86.EXE 48092 23291 deflated
4FF.EXE 44192 20041 deflated
4FF.PAS 14420 4303 deflated
4FF.TXT 1763 755 deflated
4FF86.EXE 44336 19989 deflated
4UTILS.DOC 32016 10685 deflated
4UTILS.SMP 4023 1542 deflated
DESC.BTM 2004 575 deflated
DESCRIPT.PAS 21974 5925 deflated
DISPLAYK.PAS 12229 3605 deflated
DMOUSE.PAS 3195 1209 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 401 273 deflated
FIX.PAS 2154 966 deflated
GLOBALS.PAS 5708 2020 deflated
HANDLEIN.PAS 8497 2786 deflated
PACKING.LST 1763 626 deflated
SCANARJF.PAS 9616 2899 deflated
SCANLZHF.PAS 6460 1926 deflated
SCANZIPF.PAS 9127 2459 deflated
STRINGDA.PAS 13491 3251 deflated
WHATS.NEW 3425 1550 deflated

Download File 4UTILS83.ZIP Here

Contents of the 4DESC.TXT file


Purpose: Full-screen editor for file and subdirectory descriptions.
(External, third-party)

Format: 4DESC [/help] [/mono] [/dontask] [d:\path]

/help (help screen)
/mono (black & white)
/dontask (suppresses the confirmation for saving)
d:\path (directory specification)

See also 449DESCRIBE.


4DESC is a full-screen editor for file descriptions for MS-DOS filenames
and subdirectories. It presents a sorted listing of the chosen directory,
similar to the SELECT directory, and allows you to add, modify, or erase
descriptions for each file and subdirectory. Each description may be up to
200 characters long. The edit window scrolls horizontally for longer
descriptions. You may cut and paste descriptions from one file to another.
If a mouse is installed on your system, the edit cursor will follow mouse
movements. There is no separate mouse cursor. Press F1 while in the 4DESC
editor for keystroke definitions.

Edit file descriptions in the current directory:

C:\> 4desc

Edit file descriptions in the 4DOS directory:

C:\> 4desc \4dos


/help: Display the help screen before editing. Pressing any key or
mouse button switches to edit mode.

/mono: Force display to black and white (overrides auto-detection
of monitor type).

/dontask Do not ask whether to save the current description file when
changing directories: The descriptions will automatically be
saved. Be careful, this option may save unwanted changes too!

d:\path: Edit file descriptions in another directory.

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