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Expands keyboard buffer to 128 characters, not a TSR.
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Expands keyboard buffer to 128 characters, not a TSR.
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Contents of the 128KEY.DOC file

128KEY Copyright 1990, LANshark Systems. All Rights Reserved.

"128KEY" is a little program I whipped up when I got tired of the
PC beeping at me just because I type faster than it thinks. 128KEY
creates a 128 key type-ahead buffer. I have found it to work on just
about every generic PC, and with most programs.

I do not think I need to profess the utility of a nice keyboard
type-ahead buffer. What makes 128KEY unique is that it is NOT a TSR
(Terminate-and-Stay-Resident) program! It just adjusts the DOS
keyboard buffers to an unused area of memory, and exits. So there's
much less chance that it will interfere with other software.

128KEY is available from LANshark Systems (see below) for $25.

Version 1.0 includes the ability to turn the keyboard buffer on or
off from the command line. To install 128key, simply type:


and to disable it temporarily, type:


Note: installing or disabling 128KEY will throw out (flush)
any keystrokes currently in the buffer.

128KEY is Shareware, and as such, you have an obligation to register
the software if you use it. We allow a 30 day evaluation period,
after which you should either register or delete 128KEY from your
system. If you would like register 128KEY, please send a check for
$25 to:

LANshark Systems
3000 Stone Mountain Dr.
Pickerington, Oh 43147
(614) 866-5553
CIS ID: [76662, 1532]

Commercial Users are REQUIRED to register every copy that they use.
Contact us for information about volume purchases and discounts.
Registered users are entitled to free product support on the Banyan
Forum of CompuServe (Go BANFOR), and a free update available later in
1990 with the following features:

1. Key Flushing on command
2. Key Stuffing
3. Changing Lock Status (on/off)
4. Adjust Typematic Rate
5. Banyan VINES Network Group Version (extra cost)

128KEY Copyright 1990, LANshark Systems. All Rights Reserved.


LANshark Systems provides this software AS IS and specifically
disclaims any and all warranties as to the fitness and/or
usability of this software. In no event shall LANshark Systems
or associated parties be held liable for any negligence, damages,
misuse, or loss of profit, including special, incidental,
consequential, intangible, or similar claims. Use of this software
is forbidden in situations in which this non-warranty may be
rendered inapplicable.


VINES is a trademark of Banyan Systems, Inc.

* Terribly sorry if we omitted your trademark; bug us..

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