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Full Screen Text Shell for 4DOS version 4: point and shoot, view text and archive files (via user specified file viewers) and more. Designed as a power user's shell. Can view and edit file descriptions.

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for 4DOS & NDOS. Does single & marked files.
Also edits file descriptions. Point-&-shoot
file loading into your favorite utilities via
configurable utility ports. Fast disk navig-
ation! For DOS, Windows, OS/2 & DV. Great
interface. Substantial additions in this
version. Shareware, $30 w/ printed manual.

File 4FILES30.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Full Screen Text Shell for 4DOS version 4: point and shoot, view text and archive files (via user specified file viewers) and more. Designed as a power user’s shell. Can view and edit file descriptions.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
4F-I-OS2.ICO 888 184 deflated
4F-I-WIN.ICO 766 186 deflated
4F-KB.TXT 2923 1410 deflated
4F-NEW.TXT 9183 3820 deflated
4F-READ.ME 5377 2488 deflated
4F-REG.TXT 2493 1146 deflated
4F-SITE.TXT 1152 517 deflated
4F-TV.COM 958 835 deflated
4F-TV.DOC 3935 1785 deflated
4F-VEND.TXT 6163 2724 deflated
4F-XRAY.BAT 2377 862 deflated
4F.COM 53184 34261 deflated
4F.DOC 98130 33735 deflated
4F.HLP 17545 6070 deflated
4F.KEY 4490 1541 deflated
4F.PIF 545 131 deflated
4F.VER 608 358 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 362 271 deflated

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Contents of the 4F-KB.TXT file

Over the decade that IBM compatible computers have been available, software
has become easier and easier to use, and computers and disk drives have become
much faster. A tremendous BACKWARD step was taken however when IBM, copied by
all keyboard manufacturers except two, changed the keyboard layout when the
PC-AT was introduced. User efficiency suffered greatly and has never recovered.

If you have function keys on the the top row of the keyboard rather than on
the left side, this text file was written for you. A quantum leap in efficiency
and enjoyment in using your computer awaits by getting a more sensibly designed
keyboard made by Northgate or Focus, with function keys on the left and other
nice features. Most software applications you use, including 4FILES, will be
much easier to use when you can do "the left hand sneak" -- keying any Function
Key command (including those augmented by the CTRL, ALT or Shift key) with a
simple motion of one hand.

Most software is still designed with left hand function keys in mind. Not
only will the ultimate efficiency of such programs cut-in, but often the layout
of a program's mapping of the functions to the F-keys will make more sense and
be easier to remember.

Why am I including an extra file about keyboards? Because I am a true
believer in left-hand function keys, because many newer computer users don't
realise their virtue or don't even know they exist, and because I want to help
you by making your work easier. This is very much in the spirit of my 4FILES
program, which has been carefully designed to make the keyboard interface fit
the tasks of file management in what I feel is the best possible way. You will
not realize the maximum benefits of many programs you use or try, including
4FILES, until you try them with an optimized keyboard layout.

Here are model numbers and phone numbers for recommended keyboards:

Northgate Computer Products: 1-800-526-2446, ask for keyboard sales.


- 102.

- Ultra-T. Two keypads, one with the inverted-T arrow key layout & one
with the diamond layout.

- Ultra-F. Two keypads, both with the diamond arrow layout.

My personal keyboard is an Ultra-F. All of these work on any IBM computer
from PC to 486. The left CTRL, ALT & Shift keys may be easily swapped
around with a hardware setting and a key removal tool provided. Keyboard
speed can be quickly set to any of twelve diffent rates by using a special
key in combination with one of the twelve function keys.

Focus Electronic Corp: 1-800-826-6880


- FK 5001

- FK 9000 Key-Pro. This has a built-in calculator, independent of other
keyboard functions.

-= 30 =-

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