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Allows you to keep mult. sets of autoexec/config files for common setups.
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Allows you to keep mult. sets of autoexec/config files for common setups.
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This utility program will replace your current CONFIG.SYS and
AUTOEXEC.BAT files with a specified pair of CONFIG and AUTOEXEC
files, then reboot.

The command format is "RECONFIG ext", where "ext" is a 3-byte
configuration identifier.

For example, suppose you have a standard configuration containing
a virtual disk, print spooler and Sidekick. But sometimes you
need to use your system's storage for large speadsheets. So, you
set-up two configurations: the standard one is specified in files
named "CONFIG.STD" and "AUTOEXEC.STD", and the large-memory
configuration is in "CONFIG.BIG" and "AUTOEXEC.BIG".

When you enter "RECONFIG BIG", the contents of CONFIG.BIG are
RECONFIG reboots your PC and the large-memory configuration is in

Later, when you want to use the standard configuration, you enter
"RECONFIG STD". RECONFIG copies your standard configuration into
CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT and then reboots.

There is no restriction on the number of configurations you can
have. Each one is represented by a pair of "CONFIG.ext" and
"AUTOEXEC.ext" files, where "ext" is the configuration identifier.
The choice of "ext" identifiers is entirely up to your tastes.
(You can not specify "ext" as "BAT" or "SYS" because of conflicts
with the standard boot-time filename extensions.)

RECONFIG looks for the CONFIG and AUTOEXEC files in the root
directory of the disk drive you booted from. Make sure that the
boot diskette is in the A: drive if you booted from diskette. For
hard disk systems, make sure that there is no diskette in the A:
drive; a reboot attempts to boot from diskette before going to
the hard disk. (Technical note: the boot drive is taken from the
COMSPEC in the DOS environment. If you've altered the COMSPEC,
RECONFIG may not work.)

If you manually reboot (Ctrl-Alt-Del), the configuration in effect
at that time will remain. You must enter a RECONFIG command to
change it.

The contents of a virtual disk, print spool buffer, unsaved
Sidekick notepad, etc. will disappear when you enter the RECONFIG
command. As with any system reboot, you are responsible for
preserving such RAM-resident data.

RECONFIG preserves the file attribute bytes (e.g., read-only) of
all the CONFUG and AUTOEXEC files. This feature is important for
those of us who protect important files from accidental erasure
by making them read-only.

Written and placed in the public domain by:

Glen F. Marshall
1006 Gwilym Circle
Berwyn, PA 19312

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