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Six programs to set/reset Num/Caps/Scroll Lock state.
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Six programs to set/reset Num/Caps/Scroll Lock state.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLOFF.COM 12 12 stored
CLON.COM 12 12 stored
NLOFF.COM 12 12 stored
NLON.COM 12 12 stored
SETLOCK.DOC 1318 626 deflated
SLOFF.COM 12 12 stored
SLON.COM 12 12 stored

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Contents of the SETLOCK.DOC file

SETLOCK Documention 11/08/87 - J. Mintzer

This set of programs will set the state of the Num Lock, Caps Lock and
Scroll Lock keys. Six COM files (12 bytes each) are included to set the
shift state ON or OFF. The function of each program is listed below:

NLON.COM - Sets Num Lock ON
NLOFF.COM - Sets Num Lock OFF
CLON.COM - Sets Caps Lock ON
CLOFF.COM - Sets Caps Lock OFF
SLON.COM - Sets Scroll Lock ON
SLOFF.COM - Sets Scroll Lock OFF

Where could you use these programs? If you have an enhanced keyboard
(separate scroll keys and numeric keypad), and you want the Num Lock to
default to ON when you boot, you would place NLON in your AUTOEXEC.BAT.
Another example would be if you had a program that required the Caps Lock
to be ON or OFF. You could ensure the caps lock state by placing the
appropriate program (CLON/CLOFF) in a BAT file before executing your

I intentionally kept each program separate in order to keep their size
as small (and fast) as possible. All of these programs use the keyboard
flag data area as described in the IBM BIOS listings, and should therefore
be compatible with most clones.

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