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Latest PAK utilties.
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Latest PAK utilties.
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Contents of the PAK-KIT7.DOC file

* PAK-KIT7 (12/26/88)

* If you use one or all of these programs send 10$ to

Thomas Atkinson
8223 W. Oklahoma Ave.
Milw, WI. 53219

CLNARC.EXE *.* file/s_to_delete

Allows selective deletes of unwanted files from selected archives.


To check integrity of your archive files. See PKERRORS.LOG for
files reported erred. Note that warnings are also posted to


This program will rearc all archives for you. When PKwares
releases its next product, this program will be modified to
use that program to process ARC files into the future extension.

ARCCOMNT.EXE *.* your desired comment

Is optional, as a sysop, i use this for free advertising.
Note that this is an archive comment and not a file by file
comment of archive files. Be aware that the longest length
of a comment is 32 character positions. Any more and you will
receive one beep for each extra character.

* These programs do not have to be run in a specific order, nor do
they all have to be run.

* File date/time and attributes remain the same as prior to process.

* Note that .LOG file may be present after run of CHKARC, CLNARC
or REARC. They are meant to be used at a later date by yourself.

The final .LOG file is processed into the directory where the .EXE
of the program run is located.

* Note that erred files are not REARCed.

* Note that ARCCOMNT will comment erred files but error will remain.

* If you must abort the programs as they are running then use


External processes must be allowed to complete for CTRL/BREAK to be
picked up. If you must CTRL/BREAK, the need to delete .$$$ entries
and empty .LOG file may be required.

* Process speed is dependent on system in use. Set times can vary
due to system technology and the number of files to be processed.

* Sample .BAT file:

chkarc c:\files\*.*
chkarc d:\files\*.*
rearc c:\files\*.*
rearc d:\files\*.*
clnarc c:\files\*.* command.com *.bak etc...

pause check your .LOG files before continuing

arccomnt c:\files\*.* (blank wipes all comments)
arccomnt d:\files\*.* Your desired comment

* SWEEP chkarc * etc...

* The intent of these programs at this time is to allow upkeep to your
present ARC file collection. Please note that file extensions are
NOT altered.

The future of this program is aimed at the process of converting
your ARC file collection into the future product released by
PKwares Inc.

* If you send $47 of more, you will receive, when available, an ALL
NEW data compression utility with better and different compression
methods, enhanced functions, and increased user friendliness.

Send check or money order to: PKWARE, Inc.
7032 Ardara Avenue
Glendale, WI. 53209

Please state that you are registering for the ALL NEW product.

* If you receive the message EXE not accessible on path when it is,
please check executable for read only access.

* For BUG reports leave message on Exec-PC (414-964-5160) or at the
Home Computer (414-543-8929)

* 12/26/88 - Added code to force all PKERRORS.LOG files to directory
containing executable program.

* 12/05/88 - Changed name of comment.$$$ file to hopefully a unique name.
Required by chance of processing archive titled comment.arc
which uses the temporary file comment.$$$ in this one instance.

* 12/03/88 - Added locked archive detection. If locked then archive
is skipped. Tested on 90 user Novell system.

Added code to skip hidden, readonly and sysfiles.

Added code to delete .LOG files if size = 0.

Added .LOG file to CLNARC.

* 11/08/88 - Added version numbers to executables which are displayed
when program is run.

* 11/07/88 - Updated code that caused REARC to require CTRL/BREAK if
REARC was started in same directory as processing.

* 11/06/88 - Added CLNARC to PAK-KIT. allows selective deletes of
unwanted files from archives.

* 10/15/88 - Added detection of DesqView and TaskView to allow programs
to be run as background process.

* 10/14/88 - Updated varied documentation.

* 10/09/88 - Path search fix, possible non processing by CHKARC,
and error message from dos when ARCCOMNT run. Both
problems due to use when PKPAK and PKUNPAK are on path,
but PKARC and PKXARC are not on path, (huh).

The first version would only operate if PKARC and
PKXARC where on path.

* Programs PAK-KIT7
Author Atkinson - Home Computer - 414-543-8929
Language Turbo Pascal 5
Utilities Turbo Professional
Dos PC-DOS 3.3
Date 12/26/88

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