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Lotus-style front end for LHARC.
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Lotus-style front end for LHARC.
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Contents of the LHMENU.DOC file

LHMENU ver. 1.10
A Menu-driver for LHARC
By: Rick Hicks

LHMENU is a menu program to make viewing and working with LHARC
very friendly. In order for LHMENU to function you must
have Haruyasu Yoshizaki's LHARC.EXE program.
Please note that these programs are copyrighted and they can be
obtained from most BBS's.
Both files should be in a directory that is part of your
PATH statement (see your DOS manual for info on PATH).

Acknowledgement: This program was developed to follow the same
general screen as PKARCM and users of that program will find
the same structure and ease of use. I gratefully acknowledge
the author of that fine program.


LHMENU.DOC This Documentation File.



To start-up LHMENU simply enter "LHMENU [d:\path\filespec]".
You may specify wild cards in the filespec. If you use wild
cards in the filespec LHMENU will allow operations of LHARC
on multiple LHARC files. Upon execution LHMENU will present
a Lotus-like menu bar to perform different operations;
to [L]ist the files in LHARC files, to [B]rowse files in LHARC
files, to [E]xtract files from LHARC files, to [U]pdate files
to LHARC files, to [M]ove files to LHARC files, to [D]elete files
from LHARC files, to [T]est the integrity of LHARC files, and to
[Q]uit and return to DOS. The arrow keys may be used to
perform the different operations or the first letter of the
operation to be performed can be entered.


List Contents of File - L
This operation will display on the screen the contents of
the LHARC files chosen.

Browse a file - B
This operation will ask for what files you wish to view.
Enter the filenames you wish to view (wildcards accepted,
i.e. *.doc) and the contents of the files selected will
be shown on the screen.

Extracting files - E
This operation will ask for what files you wish to extract
(wildcards also acceptable) and will extract files that
are selected. Extracted files will be placed on the
current disk in the current directory.

Update/Add to the file - U
This operation will ask for the name of the files you wish
to update or add to the current LHARC archive file. Wildcards
are again acceptable. If you are creating a new LHARC file
the Update/Add operation will create the LHARC file.
Example: LHMENU TEST will create a new file called TEST.LZH
if the Update/Add operation is performed.

Move files to a LHARC file - M
This operation will move files to a LHARC archive file,
test them for integrity and then delete the original
files from the disk.
It will first ask for confirmation that you wish the
original files to be deleted and then ask for what
files you wish to move. Again, wildcards are acceptable.

Delete a file from the LHARC file - D
This operation will delete the selected files from the
LHARC file. Again, wildcards are acceptable.

Testing LHARC file integrity - T
This operation will test the integrity of the archived
files. NOTE: This function is not provided in LHARC
version 1.0, but has been added to version 1.12.

Quit to DOS - Q
This operation will exit LHMENU and return operation to
the DOS prompt.

| |
| |
| If you find LHMENU fast, easy, and convenient to use |
| a partial registration of $10 would be appreciated. |
| |
| |
| If you send $25 or more, you will receive, when available, |
| a diskette with the next version of the software. |
| |
| Please state the current version number of the software you |
| are presently using. Send check or money order to: |
| |
| RDH Softcom |

| 820 Patmar Drive |
| Lebanon, PA 17042 |

R. D. Hicks hereby disclaims all warranties relating to this software,
whether express or implied, including without limitation any implied
warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
R. D. Hicks will not be liable for any special, incidental,
consequential, indirect or similar damages due to loss of data or any
other reason, even if R. D. Hicks has been advised of the possibility
of such damages. In no event shall R. D. Hicks' liability for any
damages ever exceed the price paid for the use of the software,
regardless of the form of the claim. The person using the software
bears all risk as to the quality and performance of the software.

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