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Create a screen that will show everytime you boot your system.
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Create a screen that will show everytime you boot your system.
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Contents of the SHOWLOGO.DOC file

Documentation on SHOWLOGO.COM
Rod L. Renner
Silver Spring MD
Version 1.1 - March 3, 1986

SHOWLOGO is an assembler program to display a graphics picture
until the user presses a key. It is most often used as the last command
in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to display a company logo or other picture
whenever the system is booted. The picture displayed is imbedded in the
SHOWLOGO program so that it can be quickly transferred to the screen
buffer. Any graphics picture, saved in the BASICA BSAVE format, can be
substituted for the current logo by using DEBUG. (Eugene Ying's
excellent PC Picture Graphics program creates pictures in BSAVE format
which can be used in SHOWLOGO.)

The background and color palette for a medium resolution graphics
picture or the foreground color for a high resolution graphics picture
can be set. The ability to enable or disable Shift-PrtSc can also be set.

The following program illustrates the creation and saving of a
medium resolution graphics screen in BASIC and creation of a new logo

Assume that C is the default drive, which contains BASICA, DEBUG and


10 key off:screen 1:cls:color 9,0
20 for i=1 to 319 step 4
30 line (i,1)-(320-i,199),4*rnd
40 next i
50 rem The next statement saves the screen to file NEWLOGO.PIC
60 def seg=&hb800:bsave "NEWLOGO.PIC",0,&h4000
70 system


-l0140 loads new picture NEWLOGO.PIC into the program
-e101 04 04=med resolution graphics; use 06 for high res
-e108 09 background color (med) or foreground (high); use 00-0f
-e10f 00 palette color (med) 00 or 01; don't care for high
-e12b 0f 0f disables Shift-PrtSc; 0c enables Shift-PrtSc
CX ????
:3f90 set length of program with picture to 3F90 bytes
-nNEWLOGO.COM new name for saving program; extension MUST be .COM
Writing 3F90 bytes
-q quit

C>NEWLOGO displays the new logo

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