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Makes ARC,COM,EXE files into ASCII!.
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Makes ARC,COM,EXE files into ASCII!.
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Contents of the ISHI.DOC file

ish file converter for MS-DOS Ver 1.10a Copyright (C) 1986 by M. Ishizuka

A>ish input_file_name [{/r|/a}] [/m[pt]] [/c[pt]] [/9[pt]] [/?[pt]] [/*[pt]]
A>ish input_file_name {/s[{8|s|7}]|/o} [{/m|/c|/9|/?|/*}[pt]] [{/n|/e}]

/r : restore new file(s) /a : restore all file(s)
/s : store a JIS8 format ish file /s8: same as /s
/ss: store a shift JIS format ish file /s7: store a JIS7 format ish file
/m : MS-DOS /o : store an old format ish file
/c : CP/M and/or MSX-DOS /? : other OSs
/9 : OS-9 /* : all OSs
pt : path name (ex. b:\pds\tools)
/n : no escape sequence /e : escape sequence

If switches are not specified, /r, /m, and /* will be assumed.

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