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Create Help screens for other programs. Hot-Key them into action.
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Create Help screens for other programs. Hot-Key them into action.
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Contents of the MAKEHELP.DOC file

MAKEHELP and READHELP help file utilities. Version 1.2
Written for the public domain by David Wesson. No rights reserved.
24 Fairview St. W. Hartford, CT 06119 203-523-1873

MAKEHELP is a utility to make random access helpscreen files
for other programs to access. READHELP is included to serve as
an editing tool for checking the contents of the resulting
help file and to serve as a prototype in accessing the file.

The syntax for each file is displayed when the file is accessed
parameters on the commandline.

To make the original ASCII text file, write the file using margins
as you would like the file to appear on screen, or flush left the
text and set the left margin in your main module. Also, add blank
lines as needed to fill each screen. For example, if your program
is set up for a 23 line help screen, write text in 23 line blocks,
using blank lines to fill.

This version of MAKEHELP permits setting the outfile name, as well
as the line length of the resulting helpfile.

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