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Convert .ARC and .ZIP files to .LZH (LHARC) format.
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Convert .ARC and .ZIP files to .LZH (LHARC) format.
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Contents of the TOLHARC.DOC file

(C)opyright 1989 by Randy Blackmond

First, I cannot and will not be held responsible for any damage or loss
resulting from the use of this program. As with most shareware products,
you use this program AT YOUR OWN RISK! This IS a shareware product and
if you use this program beyond an initial evaluation run, you are required
to register it.

TOLHARC is a shell program that will convert ARCs and ZIPs to LZHs! At
this point in time, it doesn't do anything fancy like converting internal
ARCs or ZIPs. Maybe later.

To use TOLHARC, you must have 3 things. 1) A copy of PKUNPAK.EXE in your
DOS path or current directory for converting ARCs (PKXARC won't work),
2) a copy of PKUNZIP.EXE in your DOS path or current directory for con-
verting ZIPs and 3) LHARC.EXE in your DOS path or current directory.
Having satisfied the above requirements, just place TOLHARC.EXE in your
DOS path or current directory.

The syntax is simple: TOLHARC [/K]

can include wildcards, but cannot be '*.*'. Preferably, you
should use *.ARC or *.ZIP. You can convert either format, but only one
type per run, in other words, you can convert all ARCs or all ZIPs, but
not both at the same time. If you specify something other than ARC or
ZIP as the extension in your extension, the program will not
do anything. It will exit with an appropriate error message. The optional
'/K' flag (also '-K') can be given LAST on the command line if you prefer
to KEEP the old ARC/ZIP files along with the new LZH file instead of
having it automatically deleted after the conversion.

You can abort the conversion process at any time by pressing the ESCape
key. The program will finish converting the current archive then exit.


1.0 to 1.1 - Added the optional '/K' flag to allow you to keep your
old ARC/ZIP file after conversion.

1.1 to 1.2 - Fixed bug that would not allow TOLHARC to work under
DOS 4.0. Increased operation speed and a few other minor

1.2 to 1.3 - Added ability to abort conversion ny pressing ESCape. The
converted LZHs will be dated with the same date as the
original archive.


If you use this program and find it useful, please help insure further
development of this and other utilities by registering your copy of
TOLHARC. This is NOT optional! By using this program without registering
it (beyond an initial evaluation run), you are in violation of Federal
Copyright laws and are subject to prosecution.

Register by filling out the following form and mailing it along with $5.00

925 Destello
El Paso, TX 79907

If you would like to receive major upgrade versions by mail automatically,
an additional $10.00 should be included with your $5.00 registration fee.
"Major Upgrade" means, for example, from v1.1 to v2.0.


TOLHARC Registration Form

Name: ___________________________________

Address: ________________________________

City/State/Zip Code: __________________________________

Telephone #: (____) _____________________

Version of TOLHARC you are registering: _________

[ ] $5.00 required fee

[ ] $10.00 mail upgrade fee


PKUNZIP (tm) is (C)opyright 1989 by PKware, Inc.
PKUNPAK (tm) is (C)opyright 1986-1988 by PKware, Inc.
LHARC is (C)opyright 1988-1989 by Haruyasu Yoshizaki

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