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Convert all .ARC files to .PAK (Smaller ARCHIVES). Needs PAK10.ARC.
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Convert all .ARC files to .PAK (Smaller ARCHIVES). Needs PAK10.ARC.
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Contents of the CONV.DOC file

PK and SEA ARC to PAK conversion
(C) 1988 By: Oasis Software
All Rights Reserved

NOTE: CONV.ARC should contain the following files:

To use CONV, place a copy of PAK Version 1.10 or higher and the dos command
SORT in your /DOS/ directory. Move to the directory of the files that you wish
to convert and type CONV. From here on, CONV will take over by reading in your
directory and picking out all files with the extention .ARC, converting them to
the new format and changing the extention to .PAK.

Please support the shareware concept.

Send $5.00 to :

Oasis Software
c/o Jon Rupert
9460 Alten Drive
Windsor, Ontario

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