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Rasmussen's assorted utils: backup, diskcopy, more /brief doc.
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Rasmussen’s assorted utils: backup, diskcopy, more /brief doc.
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Contents of the BLRUTIL.DOC file

* this is a short synopsis
* of these utilities
* as of:
* 11/01/87 - 9:00 pm
* they were all written by Bud Rasmussen
* in 8086/8088 assembly language,
* using:
* the MIX editor and MS MASM and LINK,
* on a MAXUM TURBO XT ( 640 kb ),
* configured with:
* a NEC V20,
* a THOMSON color monitor,
* a CGA card,
* two 360 kb floppy drives ( 'a' and 'b' ),
* a 20 mb hard disk ( 'c' ),
* a 256 kb ram disk ( 'd' ),
* a PRACTICAL modem,
* an OKIDATA Microline 182,
* and MSDOS 3.20
* cdaf, cfd, ctd, and ffd all assume standard 360 KB diskettes.
* in the list/print utilities, list = screen, print = printer.
* a color monitor is assumed.

----------- ------------------------------------------------------------
pgm name brief description
----------- ------------------------------------------------------------

bdof backup directory or file

this program will backup ( copy ) any directory or file
from drives ( a,b,c ) to drives ( a,b,c ).
you have the option of copying all files, or selecting
only those you wish to copy.
if the output drive is 'a', you have the option of erasing
all the files, before the copy.
if the output diskette fills up, you have the option
of putting a formatted disk in the drive and continuing
or quitting ( in either case the partially copied
file is erased ).

bhd backup hard disk

this program will backup a hard disk ( drive 'c' )
to previously formatted diskettes on drive 'a'.
if the output diskette has files on it,
they will be erased before the copy.
as an option, it will print a hardcopy of all files copied.
if the hardcopy option is chosen, each directory and
each new output diskette will print to a new page.

cdaf copy diskette and format

this program will format the output diskette, and then
sector copy the input diskette to the output diskette.
this program assumes that you have two std diskette
drives ( a + b ). the copy may be from 'a' to 'b'
or from 'b' to 'a'.

cf copy file

this program will copy a file from ( a,b,c,d ) to ( a,b,c,d ).
since the output file name must be entered, this program
may function as a copier/renamer.

cfd copy floppy diskette

this program will sector copy a diskette from 'a'
to 'b' or from 'b' to 'a'.

ctd compare two diskettes

this program will compare two diskettes on 'a' and 'b'.
it is most useful after a sector copy, just to make sure.

dbpv display BIOS parameter variables

this program displays the BIOS information in the boot
sector on drive ( a,b,c,d ).

dse disk sector edit

this program gives you the ability to read, modify,
and write back any sector on drive ( a,b,c ).

eadf erase all diskette files

this program will erase all files in the root directory
of 'a' or 'b'. however, it will not erase sub directories
or any files in them.

ffd format floppy diskette

this program formats floppy diskettes in 'a' or 'b'.

fre file record edit

this program allows you to modify any file on drive ( a,b,c ).
it does this by displaying the file 192 bytes at a time, on
the screen in ascii and hex format.
you then have the option of:

1. displaying the next screen
2. displaying the previous screen
3. modifying the screen
4. quitting

if the screen is modified, the screen is written back
to the file.

lpaf list/print any file

this program will list or print any file on drive (a,b,c,d).
its output format is an ascii line followed by the same line
in hex, followed by a line of spaces.

lpd list/print directory

this program will list or print any directory on drive
(a,b,c). you have the option of having the list/print
sorted by name, or not.

lps list/print sector

this program will list or print any sector on drive (a,b,c,d).

lptf list/print text file

this program will list or print a std text file on drive
(a,b,c,d). this program reads in the entire file, for
speed, but since it has a 64k buffer limit, that is the
largest text file it can handle.

ltf list text file ( forward/backward ) 64k file limit

this program will list a 64k std text file on drive (a,b,c,d).
it will list forward or backward ( by line, page, or file ).
this program uses the same buffer system as lptf.

pad print all directories

this program will print all the directories on drive (a,b,c).

psf print spooled file

this program will print a spooled file on drive (a,b,c,d).

qdl quick directory list

this program will list any directory on drive (a,b,c,d).
the directory is sorted by name before the list.

tasc test all screen colors

this program is for people who can't decide which colors
they like, so it allows you to test all combinations.

* all of these programs are interactive;
* which is to say that all the information
* they need will be requested
* at run time.
* thus, all the user need
* do to execute them is to key in the
* program name at the DOS prompt,
* e.g.
* >xxx...
* C H E E R S !!!
* if there are any questions,
* suggestions, or gripes,
* write,
* or call after 7:00 PM.
* Bud Rasmussen
* 3795 Saxon Drive South
* Salem, OR 97302
* 503-585-1515
* end of BLRUTIL.DOC

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