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A working vesa driver for the Viper VLB 2 meg video card. Many more options than Diamond's driver. Works with FS5 and Links (tested). Diamond's does not work with that software.
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A working vesa driver for the Viper VLB 2 meg video card. Many more options than Diamond’s driver. Works with FS5 and Links (tested). Diamond’s does not work with that software.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

December 3, 1993

VPRVESA version 1.2 rev C
Copyright (c) 1993, Himalaya Software

All registers users of both the VPRVESA and SETMODE manual will
receive the next version for free, which will include more features
and a more complete manual.

Right now, I am still in the process of approving my credit card
account with my bank. As a result of this, I can only accept
cheques and money orders for now. I am sorry for this

** NEW ** Now you can register through the CI$ SWREG forum! Just
type GO SWREG from the CI$ command line and register the program.
The title is "VPRVESA 1.2, REV B", it's ID number is 1691. The
registration fee is $30. This includes the latest VPRVESA and
SETMODE programs, printed documentation and a free update to the
next major release (minor releases can still be downloaded from

** NEW ** The final glicthes have been removed with the Flight
Simulator 5 support. The sometimes occurring flickering box at the
top left of the control panel has been removed. Now you can enjoy
flying on your Viper as never before!

** UPDATE ** VPRVESA now supports the /R switch, which will reload
the VESA driver. This is a neat feature if you want to change the
user modes or just downloaded a new version. Now do you don't have
to unload VPRVESA first.

I hope you like the VPRVESA driver and SETMODE utility as much as
my BETA testers and I do!

Frido Garritsen
Himalaya Software

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