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A very comprehensive TSR manager that will allow you to load and unload your TSR programs.
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A very comprehensive TSR manager that will allow you to load and unload your TSR programs.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

TSR Caretaker
Kevin Kessler

Copyright 1989, by Kevin Kessler

The file CARETAKE.ARC should contain the following files:

TSRTRACK.EXE -- Resident portion of CARETAKER
VECTMAP.EXE -- Vector Mapping Program
CARETAKE.DOC -- Documentation for CARETAKER
READ.ME -- This file


The purpose of TSR CARETAKER is to give you more control of
your memory resident programs. It allows you to disable, enable
or remove most of these programs through the command line or a
display screen. The philosophy of this program is to give the
user maximum control with minimum effort, and to that end, all
you must do is place TSRTRACK.EXE as the first file in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT. No layering is required and the resident portion
of this program requires less than 3K of memory.

To use TSR CARETAKER, enter CARETAKE at the DOS prompt. The
display screen that follows should be self-explanatory. Enter
CARETAKE /? for the list of command line arguments to use in
batch files.

Even if you are an experienced computer user, I would
strongly suggest reading the documentation included with this
file. Removing memory resident programs can be a tricky business
in some cases, and, to use the batch file commands effectively,
some unusual techniques may be necessary.

Thank you for trying TSR CARETAKER, I hope it suits your

Kevin Kessler

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