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Will reset your RAM refresh rate for fastest operation.
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Will reset your RAM refresh rate for fastest operation.
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Contents of the README file

Lawrence Software
613 W. 13th #1A-158
Austin, Texas 78701

ZipTest is a utility for use with PC-Zipper to determine the
optimum speed for your system. The utility calls each procedure,
executes a routine, times it, and then records the results. Upon
completion, ZipTest checks to find which procedure resulted in a
negligible increase in processor speed.

Optimum system performance results at the "crest" of the curve.
See the following graph example:

| *
B | _|_ *
E | * |
N |
C | *
H |
M | *
A |
R |
K | *
| *
A B ..... K W

In this example, ZipTest would recommend command line parameter
"K" for use with PC-Zipper.

Use of a higher parameter will not significantly increase your
system speed and might cause errors if you have weak or defective
memory chips. If the use of ZipTest results in a system error
before reaching completion, you probably have at least one
defective memory chip. Make note of the maximum speed reached and
use PC-Zipper with a command line parameter several levels lower.

PC-Zipper and ZipTest are copyrighted programs of Lawrence
Software. They are distributed as Public Domain software and
registration is requested if you find the program useful. For a
registered copy of PC-Zipper (including ZipTest) send $9.95 to
Lawrence Software.

Thank you for your support !

Best regards,

Jim Lawrence

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