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Use short aliases for long paths.
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Use short aliases for long paths.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

PathMaster Quick Start Guide

PathMaster's primary purposes are to allow short-cut directory
changing (including directories on different drives), with nicknames,
and to maintain the nickname file. Its secondary purpose is to allow
the nicknames to be used in commands; PathMaster interprets the
nicknames and substitutes the expanded text. It's very fast. The
program is named C.EXE so using it is similar to using "CD" to change
directory. PathMaster and its accompanying User Manual were
developed by my brother, Brian Pierce. Any feedback you might have
would be greatly appreciated.

I think the User Manual (PATHMSTR.DOC) is excellent. It should be
read by everyone who wishes to use PathMaster. It provides many
useful tips and examples, as well as commercial licensing
information. There is no charge to non-commercial users of
PathMaster, and a nominal fee for commercial users.

For the experienced PC user, the following instructions and examples
should get you up and running quickly. The User Manual contains
additional details.

To install PathMaster, place C.EXE on your search path, and SET
PMSTR=(name of directory where the data file PATHMSTR.DAT lives).

In the examples, PROMPT = $P$G, but this is not a requirement.

Examples for Directory Changing
C:\WP\WP50\DOCS>C /UTIL D:\UTIL Assigns the nickname "util" to
--------------- D:\UTIL.

C:\WP\WP50\DOCS>C /DOCS . Assigns the nickname "docs" to
--------- the current directory.

C:\WP\WP50\DOCS>C util Changes directory to D:\UTIL.
D:\UTIL>C docs Changes directory to
------ C:\WP\WP50\DOCS.

Examples for Executing Commands using PathMaster's Nicknames
(Tack a semicolon on the end of each nickname. If the semicolon is
not followed by a space, it is translated to a backslash when the
directory name substitution occurs).

C:\>c xcopy util;*.bat Same as XCOPY D:\UTIL\*.bat
C:\>C XCOPY UTIL;*.* DOCS; Same as -
---------------------- XCOPY D:\UTIL\*.* C:\WP\WP50\DOCS
In addition to this READ.ME file, PathMaster 2.1 includes C.EXE,
Happy Computing!
Sheri Pierce (1/8/89)

PathMaster(TM) is Copyright (C) 1988, 1989 by Brian J. Pierce.

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