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Force Off CAPS/NUM/SCROLL lock.
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Force Off CAPS/NUM/SCROLL lock.
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Contents of the OFFS.DOC file

NUMOFF and ALLOFF Toggle Off Programs

Program to Turn off the NumLock Key
by Kurt W. Riegel



No big deal. All NUMOFF.COM does You may still toggle NumLock. Some
is to toggle the NumLock key to its keyboards having an LED light to
non-numeric state. The motivation indicate the NumLock key state may
was to override the default state not do so correctly after this
of my AST Premium 286 AT clone, program is run, but NUMOFF will
which leaves NumLock on at bootup. really turn off the key regardless
Put this in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, of what the light says. For
and your keypad keys will have example, the AST machine LED
their directional meanings rather indicates the correct state always,
than numerical ones after bootup. but the ITT XTRA does not.

Here's the source code:

0100 31C0 XOR AX,AX ;zero AX
0102 8ED8 MOV DS,AX ;set data segment to 0
0104 80261704DF AND BYTE PTR [0417],DF ;modify numlock system byte
0109 C3 RET ;quit the program

Kurt W. Riegel
Wednesday January 13, 1988


In the same vein, the program ALLOFF.COM turns off three keys at once:
NumLock as above, CapsLock, and ScrollLock. Here's the source code:

0100 B80000 MOVAX,0000
0103 8ED8 MOVDS,AX
0105 BF1704 MOVDI,0417
0108 B000 MOVAL,00
010A 8805 MOV[DI],AL
010C CD20 INT 20

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