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Determine which version of PKZIP was used on a ZIP file.

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ZiPiD VeRSiON .96eTa!
By: Nathan Taylor
Ever Wondered what format a .ZIP
is? Hate doing that annoying
PKUnZIP -v and judging from the
compression method what file format
it is? Want PkZip to return an
ERRORLEVEL telling what format it
is?! This does it, and more....
Identifies: PkZip 1.10 and 2.xx,
ARJ 2.xx, LHA 2.xx, and ARC!
FREEWARE! Great for BBS Sysops,
Upload testers, ReZiping
*BATCH FILES!* and everyday use!
New: More Color, ARJ Bug Fix, and
Cosmetic Fix-ups!

File ZIPID96B.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Utilities for DOS and Windows Machines
Determine which version of PKZIP was used on a ZIP file.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 660 399 deflated
HISTORY.DOC 3850 1895 deflated
ZIPID.DOC 1784 816 deflated
ZIPID.EXE 40962 29196 deflated

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Contents of the HISTORY.DOC file

Versions .000eta to .009eta

Internal Testing/Devolpment. Never publicly released

Version .9eta

First Public Release!
No bugs,* and not much room for em with a 754 byte source code.

Version .9eta, Release "C"

so release "C">
Well, I put an END statment BEFORE the "ErrLevel (1)" command for the 1.10
"1" errorlevel! OOps.. 1.10 was claimed as 2.04 on errorlevels even though
properly detected.. FIXED! And also, Thanks to Rick for the BUG report!
This one was a real cockroach if ya ask me 🙂 FFFFiiixxxxxed! 🙂

Version .95eta

Added ARJ, LZH, and ARC Checking.. More to come! Please read the new .DOC's!!

Version .96eta

Bug Fixes: ARJ detection routine was SCREWED uP. Never worked. Sorry!
it's fixed. the errorlevel for ARJ remains the same..

Minor cosmetic fixup: It would just displat "File Format:" for an unknown

type.. Now it dislays "File Format: UnKnown!!" ....

New Text Colors!: I've redone the text with a LOT of color.. I hope this
doesnt slow it down toooo much. If you notice ANY speed difference, tell me
and I shall add a commandline param to run in B&W Mode.. And Oh.. If anyone
recieves a "Illegal Function Call" (Probably if you are running a Mono system)
please tell me.. I dont think it will happen, But I dont know anyone with
a mono system to try it for me.. Thanx..
Tell me what you think of the new colors.. I'm pretty good at ANSi, So I
figure'd id change some of the colors.. Enjoy! :->

Planed For version 1.0

detection of ARJ and possibly LZH and ARC archives!
These are done as of version .95eta!

Well.. I'm gonna have to rename this program to iDMaSTeR Because it is going
To Identify all of the following very soon:
File Formats of NON-COMPRESSED files, IE: Will tell you if a file is an EXE!
Good for renamed EXE's! Also will do this for .COM files if I can get it to
work on that, I am working on 1.00 and it's a REAL BUGGER (Or should I say
B..CH) to get it to do .COM's ....
Also, Identification for the following compressed File formats:
Maybe More.. If you want it to detect one, TELL ME!
GIF 87a and 89a (It WILL tell the difference)

A feature to scan files for "DoS Reserved Keywords" such as NU, LOK$, and
more .. I have changed some of the letters incase some crummy viewer has a
problem with them and so that this file doesnt get feed into LOK$ and screw
up the CMoS and time/date .. Just so you cant yell at me if it happens, I cant
be sure of everyones computer and dont need to be yelled at.. Just think about
it.. is C and is L! ...

I need to hear from YOU. 1.00 is going to be really kewl.. It's will do things
you've never though about ... Identify compressed EXE/COM's (IE:
PkLITE, DiET, lZeXE, etc) ... I need to know what you want it to
do! If you have a sugestion, tell me! I cant wait to get 1.00 out, But I am
going to see what people want.. Remember... FREEWARE is YOURWARE!
ZipID! - The File Format Identifier of the FUTURE!

1.00 Will be shareware.... I cant spend tons of time working on this and
just give it away.. It'll probably be just a short delay and a message...
Sorry! Cant do a release in the FREEWARE world of a program this good!
It'll probably be only like $10 ... Oh. You crackers/hackers/Phreaks out
there, dont get any dumb ideas.. it's not going to be crackable...

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