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Makes Floppy Disk Envelopes version 1.2.
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Makes Floppy Disk Envelopes version 1.2.
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Contents of the EG12.DOC file

Floppy Disk Envelope Generator Version 1.2

Floppy Disk Envelope Generator prints a floppy disk

envelope cut-out. It is simple to use. From DOS type "EG"

(Without the quotation marks). It will then ask you to enter

the correct date and disk drive (valid disk drives are A: and

B:). It then lets you decide whether or not you want to print

the directory of the disk on the envelope. If you wish to

preview the directory enter "p". Lastly, you have the option

of writing a name for your disk.

By cutting out the envelope and taping down the tabs,

the contents of your disk is easily accessible. If you don't

feel like taking the time to find your tape, the cutout also

makes a nice envelope insert. You can cut out the top part of

the printout or simply fold it.


Floppy Disk Envelope Generator is distributed under the

name EG.ARC. It contains the following archived files:

EG.EXE - The Program

EG12.DOC - The documentation that you are reading

ORDER.EG - Printable order form for ordering a

registered copy of EG.

The primary means of distribution is through Bulletin

Boards. However, I would be glad to send you a sample

nonregistered copy of this program for the price of a disk and

postage & handling or by sending it over from my own modem.


This program is copyright (C) 1988 by Gregory Ross. All

rights reserved. Non-registered users are granted a limited

license to use this product up to five times on a trial basis.

Your use of this product has the following limitations:

This program must be distributed in an unmodified form.

No fee, charge or consideration may be received for the

distribution of this of this program except by the author.

This product is not to be distributed as part of any

other software without the authors consent.

User Supported Software

This program is shareware but it is not free. I have

worked hard to make it good but it is too expensive to

advertise in any other way. Therefore I am sending the program

out so that people can test it out to see if they like it. Give

it a whirl. If find it a useful as I do please send $15

(including Postage and Handling) to:

Greg Ross

2922 Legation St. N.W.

Washington D.C. 20015

This will earn you (1) a registered copy of Floppy Disk

Envelope Generator (which means that you can run it more than 5

times) (2) the option of putting your name or your company's

name at the bottom of the envelope (3) a statement that you are

an official user of EG, and (4) my appreciation (which means I

might help you out someday).

Businesses must have separate registered copies for each

computer that envelopes will be made on.

To print the order form on your printer type "copy

order.eg lpt1" (without the quotation marks).

If you have a problem with this program it doesn't mean

that it will never work. It might be a very simple problem. For

example, a man had his printer set for mode lpt1:132 instead of

80 (which is the default). If you send me a description of your

problem and a sample (if possible) I will do the best I can to

fix the problem.

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