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Turns mouse movements into cursor key controls. Great for programs that do not have internal mouse commands. This is the best one I've ever tried.
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Turns mouse movements into cursor key controls. Great for programs that do not have internal mouse commands. This is the best one I’ve ever tried.
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Contents of the ARRMOUSE.DOC file

Documentation and Manual for ARRMOUSE Version 1.1a
by Seth W. Comstock
Version Date: 1/1991
Shareware $10


ARRMOUSE Version 1.1a
All portions of this software package and documents,
ARRMOUSE 1.1a copyright (c) 1991 Seth W. Comstock.
All rights reserved.


Thank you for trying ARRMOUSE!
ARRMOUSE is distributed as shareware. After you test the
program, if you decide to use it, then I encourage you to
register. The registration fee is $10.00. Register for each
computer ARRMOUSE is installed on. Print out the registration
form file ARRM-REG.FRM or send a quick note, include
registration fee(s) and $2.50 shipping per order.
Send to:
Seth W. Comstock
4835 W. Montecito
Phoenix, AZ 85031
(602) 247-1621


ARRMOUSE.COM The program.
ARRMOUSE.DOC Program documentation.
ARRM-REG.FRM Registration form.


* use a mouse in word processors and editors that don't
ordinarily support a mouse.
* 2 or 3 button mouse or trackball support.
* works with enhanced keyboards.

ARRMOUSE is a memory resident program using a little over 1K
of memory that is loaded after the mouse driver. With ARRMOUSE a
mouse or trackball can be used in place of the arrow (cursor)
keys in programs not designed to use a mouse. Mouse movement
mimics the arrow (cursor) keys. The cursor keys continue to work
as they normally do. It does not interfere with programs that
provide there own internal mouse support. Each time you return
to the command line the function of ARRMOUSE is restored.
Optionally the function of ARRMOUSE can be restored by pressing
both shift keys on the key board at the same time. This function
is provided for programs that allow you to shell out to run a
program and when you return from the shell the shift keys can be
pressed if ARRMOUSE function is lost. ARRMOUSE can be used with
a mouse or trackball that has a Microsoft(tm) or Mouse
Systems(tm) compatible driver.

mouse movement - sends arrow (cursor) key presses
left button - sends (enter) key
right button - sends Esc (escape) key
middle button - sends Del key (if 3 button mouse )
left + right buttons at the same time
- sends F1 key (F10 key if /t command line
switch is used when installing ARRMOUSE )

User's Reference Guide



IBM PC or compatible, DOS 2.0 or higher,
Mouse - Microsoft(tm) or Mouse Systems(tm) compatible driver
software for your mouse or trackball.


The driver for your mouse or trackball must be loaded before
you can load ARRMOUSE. ARRMOUSE will let you know if a mouse
driver is not installed with a 'Mouse driver not loaded'
message. If you know that your mouse driver is loaded, to give
it a quick try, from the prompt run ARRMOUSE. Then run a text
editor or word processor program that does not normally work
with a mouse. You will find that the mouse can be used to move a
cursor or highlight bar that is normally moved with the cursor
keys. The left button is the same as pressing the enter key and
can be used to make selections or enter a return. The right
button is the same as pressing escape. This works well with
editors like VDE and QEDIT(tm) that do not provided mouse
support internally. Note: pressing the right mouse button (Esc
key) activates the menu system in QEDIT(tm). If you have a three
button mouse the middle button is the same as pressing the Del
key. Pressing left + right mouse buttons at the same time is the
same as pressing the F1 key. The F1 key is the help key in many
programs. Optionally if you load ARRMOUSE with the command
'arrmouse /t' the F10 key is sent by pressing the left + right
buttons. This is for the integrated editor in the Borland Turbo
languages which use the F10 key to activate the menu system.

ARRMOUSE function is always restored automatically when
returning to the command line prompt in case a program has
disabled ARRMOUSE by using its own mouse functions. ARRMOUSE
function is also restored by pressing both shift () keys at the
same time. This is provided for menu programs and other programs
that allow you to shell out to run another program. When you
return to the original program, if ARRMOUSE is disabled, press
both shift keys.

Note: The first time ARRMOUSE is loaded (run) it must be from a
batch file (autoexec.bat when you boot) or from the command line
only. DO NOT load ARRMOUSE from a program that allows you to run
other programs (shell to DOS or shells to a command line). Once
a copy of ARRMOUSE is resident in memory, you can run it again
at any time with new speed parameters to update the speed.


Copy the file ARRMOUSE.COM to your hard drive or boot disk.

The following is an example of how to install ARRMOUSE and
the mouse driver supplied with your mouse or trackball. The name
of the driver depends on the maker. So means to use
the name of the driver supplied with your mouse. An editor is
used to enter the lines of text in the config.sys and
autoexec.bat files. Also read the instructions that came with
your mouse on how to load your mouse driver software.

If your mouse driver is a device driver (mouse.sys or
something similar with a .sys ) it needs to be loaded from the
config.sys file. Then included "ARRMOUSE" on a line some where
near the beginning of the autoexec.bat file. If you have copied
the driver and ARRMOUSE to a directory other than the root then
you would need to include a path.
Example line in config.sys:


And the example line in autoexec.bat:


If your mouse driver is named, or
something similar, is entered on a line in your
autoexec.bat file. Enter ARRMOUSE on the next line. ARRMOUSE
will not load unless a mouse driver is loaded first. If you have
copied the driver and ARRMOUSE to a directory other than the
root then you would need to include a path.
Example lines in autoexec.bat:


To use a 'mouse to cursor key' speed other than the default,
include a horizontal and vertical speed value between 1-99 on the
command line that loads ARRMOUSE.

The format is - arrmouse

Examples - arrmouse 4 6
arrmouse /t 9 14

default when ARRMOUSE is loaded without speed parameters - 6 11
/t, -t or t is allowed

Once ARRMOUSE is loaded in memory the speed parameters can be
changed by running ARRMOUSE again with new parameters. The
resident copy of ARRMOUSE is located in memory and the new speed
is installed. Using 0 as a speed parameter will disable vertical
or horizontal mouse to cursor key translation. Use zero for both
speed parameters to disable ARRMOUSE (the mouse buttons will
continue to act as the enter, Del, Esc keys).

ARRMOUSE can be removed from memory with a /r command line
switch. A "* cannot remove, not last loaded TSR *" message will
be displayed if it is unsafe to remove.

arrmouse /r

ARRMOUSE should be compatible with other TSR (terminate and
stay resident) programs. You will find that ARRMOUSE works with
other TSRs. It can be used with programs like CED or STACK to
recall, edit and run previously entered command lines. I have
tested it with the program CTRLALT and the mouse can be use
instead of the cursor keys inside CTRLALT. If you are have
problems using ARRMOUSE with other TSR programs, try changing
the order in which ARRMOUSE and the other TSR programs are
loaded (try loading ARRMOUSE first).


This message indicates ARRMOUSE was successfully installed .

ARRow keys MOUSE v1.1a - INSTALLED
Copyright (c) 1991, Seth W. Comstock
Mouse movement mimics the arrow (cursor) keys
Left button = Return Right button = Esc
L + R button = F1 key Middle button = Del key
Enter "arrmouse /r" to remove (uninstall)
ARRMOUSE function restored automatically when at
the command line or use hotkeys to restore.

This message indicates ARRMOUSE was successfully removed from


This message indicates that ARRMOUSE did not find a mouse
driver installed. Load your mouse driver and run ARRMOUSE again.


You tried to load ARRMOUSE a second time.


You used a command line switch that ARRMOUSE does not

* command line parsing error *
Command line switches available: /r for remove (uninstall)
or /t both left and right button same as F10 key (default F1).
( /r, -r, r, /t, -t or t are allowed)


ARRMOUSE software and documentation are distributed on an
"As Is" basis without warranty, expressed or implied. The user
assumes full risk as to the results of using this software. It
has been tested on my own computer, but you are advised to test
the program before relying on it. If you do encounter a problem,
please let me know about it, and I will do my best to verify and
fix the problem. This program and documentation are believed to
be reliable and accurate. However, in no event shall I be liable
and/or responsible for any damages, losses, or problems which
this software or documentation may cause you.


Bulletin boards and non-profit user groups may include it in
their libraries. ARRMOUSE is shareware and may be copied or posted
for downloading for the trial use by others subject to the
following conditions:

1) All files must be distributed together in original,
unmodified form as ORIGINALLY NAMED. -

2) NO files may be added to the package or archive.

For-profit distributors of shareware may distribute it
subject to the following conditions:

1) I reserve the right to remove this software package from
distribution at any time.

2) Information is provided making it clear that this software
is distributed under the SHAREWARE concept and that the
user has not paid for the software. Users are urged to
support the software by registering.

3) The cost per disk charged for distribution cannot exceed


ARRMOUSE is a copyrighted software package. It is being
distributed as user supported shareware. By using or
distributing this package, you agree to the following:

You are granted a limited license to try this program, ARRMOUSE,
for 30 days. If you find this software useful and wish to
continue using it after the 30 day evaluation period, you must
pay the registration fee. Registration for use on a single
computer is $10.00. Register for each computer ARRMOUSE is
installed on. To register send, the filled out registration form
or a quick note, and the registration fee.

No other, license or rights are granted by implication or
otherwise. After you test ARRMOUSE , if you continue to use it,
you must register.


[end of file]

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