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MarxPop allows you to pop up 7 programs as if they were TSRs.

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Popup 10 favorite programs!

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MarxPop allows you to pop up 7 programs as if they were TSRs.
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Computer Tyme MARXPOP * Version 1.1 * Release Date: 11-28-92
Copyright 1992 by Marc Perkel * All Rights Reserved

Computer Tyme * 411 North Sherman, Suite 300 * Springfield Mo. 65802
Voice: 417-866-1222 * Modem: 417-866-1665 * Fax: 417-866-0135 * USA

This program is part of a utilities package. Before registering it
you might want to try out some of the other programs in the package.

You can download these other programs from our BBS at 417-866-1665 or
from our section on Compuserve. (GO COMPTYME) If you have any questions
feel free to call us.

Evaluation Version. This program is not registered.
If you want to use it you need to buy a copy.

Price: $95/Server, $995/Unlimited


/U to unload MARXPOP from memory.

MarxPop allows you to pop up 7 programs as if they were TSRs.
You specify what programs to pop up by creating a configuration
file with your editor. This configuration file contains key word
commands that tell MarxPop how you want it to work.

Configuration File Example:

KEY ALT F11 = DM3.EXE ;Directory Master III
KEY CTRL LS 1 = MARX PRINT; ;MarxMenu Printer Utility
KEY LS F3 = ;Blank Entry runs COMMAND.COM

The word KEY is used to define a popup key. To define the key
the words CTRL, ALT, LS, and RS specify the Control, Alt,
Left Shift and Right Shift respectively. The keynames F1 thru F12,
A thru Z, and 0 thru 9 are recognized.

MarxPop understands other words that control how it works. The
word SWAPPATH specifies the directory where swapfiles are kept
if there isn't enough room in EMS or XMS memory. DISKSWAP
forces MarxPop to use disk instead of EMS or XMS.

Normally MarxPop uses EMS before XMS memory. The word XMS forces
MarxPop to use XMS memory. The word NOMOUSE prevents MarxPop from
saving mouse information before poping up. NOSWAPMESSAGE is used
to turn off the swapping message that appears on the screen while
swapping. SHOWPROGRAM displays the program name on the screen while
being loaded. Any text after a semicolon is considered a comment.

When setting keys, if you want to run a COM or EXE program then
use the COM or EXE extension in the configuration file. This allows
MarxPop to load the program directly without having to load COMMAND.COM
which takes more memory and time to load.

Another way to specify the swap path is to set an environment
variable TEMP to point to a directory where the swap files are
to be kept. This is the same environment variable that Windows,
DOS 5.0 and MarxMenu use for temporary files. If you are running
on a network, the user must have full access rights to the
directory where temporary disk files are kept.


On Novell networks MarxPop automatically selects unique names for
the temporary files. On other networks you must set an environment
variable STATION to a unique number from 1 to 255 or specify a
unique swap path for each user.

Example: SET STATION=5


Never load a TSR when poping up a second program. This will cause
the system to hang. MarxPop will not pop up a program while you are
at the dos command prompt. You must me in an application to use
popups unless you are running DOLIST. MarxPop will not pop up over
a graphics application. Only text mode is supported.

Do not load MarxPop before any TSR that are responding to real time
communication such as network shells. Always load MarxPop after these
shells. MarxPop will not work if loaded high. Once you pop up a program
you can not pop up another program until the first one finishes.

MarxPop Memory Usage:

Main Task: 7k
Second Task: 15k


Make Check Computer Tyme Order Form
Payable To: 411 North Sherman Suite 300
Springfield Mo. 65802 USA

Voice: (417) 866-1222 * Sales: (800) 548-5353
Fax: (417) 866-0135 * BBS: (417) 866-1665
Compuserve: 71333,427 * GO COMPTYME


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==> MARXPOP * Version 1.1 * Release Date: 11-28-92

==> Price: $95/Server, $995/Unlimited

Dos ToolBox: $59.95/User __ MarxMenu: $59.95/User __

Network Survival Kit: (Inc. ToolBox/MarxMenu) $495/Server __

Shipping: Ground: $3 __ 2nd Day: $6 __

1 Day: $15 __ Foreign: $15 __

Credit Card Number: _______________ Expiration Date: ________

Signature: __________________________________________________

Master Card: __ Visa: __ Discover: __

* We do not take American Express *


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