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Post-It Style Notepad - Memory Resident.
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Post-It Style Notepad – Memory Resident.
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The Mean and Smelly Scratch Pad

Wally's Software
North Brookfield, MA 01535
Phone (617)-867-6084

This is a Terminate and Stay Resident program that allows you to take
notes on a terminal in the same fashion you would use the sticky
backed notes that most programmers scrawl on and plaster to their
monitors. This notepad is first loaded by invoking MSSPAD.COM. A
signon message appears, and the program is made memory resident.
Working with the pad is easy. To activate the pad, simply press
[CTRL][W]. The pad will appear in them upper right hand corner of
your screen, the area obliterated by the pad having been saved in a
buffer. Simply type your notes. (The Enter and Backspace keys
function as you would assume they would). If you wish to clear the
pad, press the [Del] key, and the cursor will home itself in the pad,
and the pad will fill with spaces.
To release the pad, press [Ctrl][W] again- your screen data will be
restored, and the program you interrupted will continue.

The Mean and Smelly Notepad is a subset of The Mean and Smelly
Programmer's Tool Kit, which features the Mean and Smelly Editor - a
unique bi-modal editor for programmers. Wally's Software and "Mean &
Smelly" are trademarks of Wally's Software North Brookfield Mass
01535 - all rights reserved.

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