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Date Stamp your zip files with date of most current file in zip.
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Date Stamp your zip files with date of most current file in zip.
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Contents of the ZIPDS.DOC file

ZIPDS - Zipfile Date Stamper
v1.1a, 03-04-89
Copyright 1989 Samuel H. Smith

This utility can be used to QUICKLY update the date/time stamp on a
bunch of Zipfiles. It also checks for truncated or garbled ZIPs (it
does not verify the CRC, but still catches about 80% of all bad

It will update my entire upload directory in less than a minute. When
used with 'sweep' (or similar) it can be used to globally update all
Zipfiles on your system.

Usage: zipds *.ZIP [>OUT]

Sets non-0 errorlevel on truncated or corrupt Zipfiles

zipds d:\upload\*
if errorlevel 1 goto errors

I write ZIPDS because PKZIP 0.90 cannot update zipfile timestamps
without also updating at least one member file, making it impractical to
use for batch updates.

This program is provided courtesy of:

Samuel H. Smith
The Tool Shop
Phoenix, AZ
(602) 279-2673 9600 baud / Hayes-V
(602) 264-2969 9600 baud / HST


This software is completely FREE. I ask only for your comments,
suggestions and bug reports. If you modify this program, I would
appreciate a copy of the new source code. Please don't delete my name
from the program.

I cannot be responsible for any damages resulting from the use or mis-
use of this program!

If you have any questions, bugs, or suggestions, please contact me at
The Tool Shop, (602) 279-2673.

Enjoy! Samuel H. Smith

Revision History

02-19-89 v1.0
Initial release

03-03-89 v1.1
Added error messages compatible with ProDoor for faulty zipfiles.
This is required when testing zipfiles under prodoor 2.8 and 2.9 due
to the inconsistancy of error messages generated by 'PKUNZIP -t'.

03-04-89 v1.1a
Slight change in output format to prevent ProDoor from displaying the
directory in which the file resides. Changed date-stamp logic to
prevent removing date entirely on corrupt zipfiles.

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