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A simple menu/file picker system for PKZIP.
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A simple menu/file picker system for PKZIP.
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Joe Emenaker

Version 1.0
"For users who ZIP from the hip!"

Have you ever wanted to ZIP half of the files in a directory, but couldn't
think of a good wildcard to use to get the ones you wanted? Well, never
fear, because I, Joe Emenaker, purveor of fine hacker utilities and king of
the beta release, have just gotten my latest gem running! Here's the scoop!

The parameters for ZIPMENU are fairly the same as those you'd use for
PKZIP, *EXCEPT* all wildcards in the last filespec are used to give you a
menu that you select from. It's easiest just to show you....

ZIPMENU foobar c:*.doc - This will give you a menu of all files with a
.DOC extension in the default directory on C:.
Then, you just tag the ones you want and hit
. PKZIP, hopefully, will process only
those files you've tagged.


ZIPMENU [options_for_PKZIP] ZIPfile [path_for_HipZIP]

If you don't give ZIPMENU a pathname at the end, HipZIP assumes it to be
*.* in the default drive/directory. In fact, if you leave anything out of
the path, HipZIP assumes the default.

I'm writing to Phil Katz to see if he'll consider building this feature
right into PKZIP and PKUNZIP. Imagine being able to select, from a menu,
the DOC files inside of a ZIP that you'd like to view. Or selecting the
ones you want to UnZIP. If you think this is a good idea, please write to
Phil Katz to let him know that his users want this feature.

Also, this wasn't trivial to write. If you find of use, which I certainly
do, please consider sending, say $5 to:

Joe Emenaker
518 Richmond St.
El Segundo, Ca. 90245

Joe Emenaker
1167 Atascadero St.
San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93401-6501

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