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Patch COM files to add new features. Really.
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Patch COM files to add new features. Really.
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Contents of the COMPATCH.DOC file

COMPATCH 1.0 Copyright (c) 1989 Thomas G. Hanlin III

This utility is designed to permanently modify (patch) .COM files. It
can force a "clear screen" before the .COM file starts execution, set or
reset the Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Insert states, password-protect the
.COM program, or encrypt the .COM program.

COMPATCH is protected by copyright. However, you may use and distribute
it freely, as long as all of the files (COMPATCH.DOC, COMPATCH.EXE, and
COMPATCH.NEW) are included in unmodified form. A disk/handling or
similar fee of no more than $6.00 may be charged. Online communications
systems, such as BBSes, BIX, CompuServe, GENIE, et al, are specifically
permitted to distribute this utility despite any online access charges
which may be required.

The syntax for COMPATCH is as follows:
COMPATCH filename[.COM]

If you do not specify a filename, a screen containing information on
COMPATCH will pop up. When you press a key, the information screen will
vanish, restoring your original screen and displaying the syntax for the
COMPATCH routine.

The filename specified will be checked to make sure it's in the correct
.COM format (it's possible for an .EXE file to be in .COM format or
vice-versa, although it doesn't often happen). If it is, you will be
presented with a range of patch options to choose from. Use your arrow
keys to move between patch options, and the space bar to change an
option. A help window will tell you what the effects of each option are.
The key will exit COMPATCH, at which point you will be given the
choice of discarding the patches or of actually installing them.

If you choose to install the patches, COMPATCH will create a backup of
your original .COM file in case something goes wrong. This backup will
have the extension .C0M (with a zero instead of an "oh").

You should not use COMPATCH with programs that are designed to modify
their own files (for customization, score keeping, and so forth). Since
COMPATCH will alter the program, conflicts are likely to develop.

COMPATCH works for me, but is not guaranteed to work for you. Keep the
backup .C0M files on hand until you're sure the patches work on your
computer, and don't use COMPATCH if you have any doubts.

COMPATCH was written in BASIC and assembly language, using the Microsoft
BASCOM 6.0 compiler, SLR's OPTASM assembler, and Microsoft's SYMDEB
debugger for quick'n'dirty assembly work. The ProBas library of assembly
language routines was also used for fast screen and file handling.
ProBas, which I wrote, may be obtained through Hammerly Computer
Services, Inc. Call (800) 343-7484 for more information on ProBas, or
come visit the HAMMERLY forum on BIX.

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