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Pop-up help for PKARC & PKXARC.
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Pop-up help for PKARC & PKXARC.
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Contents of the PKHELP.DOC file


This file is a modified version of QHELP.COM which, when executed,
becomes memory resident & can be toggled...

On - Use Ctrl and LeftShift keys
Off - Hit the Escape key

PKHELP.COM will display a summary of the PKARC.COM and PKXARC.COM
commands so that you may have an INSTANT display of the command
structure at your fingertips!

Note: This program should be executed AFTER K9XCLK
(I assume you are using K9CLK!)

Note: You may install multiple versions of these help files without
problem (as long as you have enough memory) and page through
them by executing consecutive ^LShft. To exit multiple pages,
hit Esc until all the pages have been removed.

Note: Since this program becomes resident, the only
way to remove it is to reboot your system.

Note: I have run benchmark tests on ARC.EXE, PKARC and PKXARC and I
cannot express enough the TREMENDOUS increase in speed the PK
series has over ARC and also the increase in compression!

Here are the results of those tests:

Finished ARC Size 233104 bytes 227907 bytes
Extract all members 4 min 29 sec 0 min 57 sec
Add all members 9 min 31 sec 1 min 54 sec
Test archive 3 min 15 sec 0 min 40 sec

ARCed with ARC - unARCed with PKXARC successful 25 out of 25
ARCed with PKARC - unARCed with ARC successful 25 out of 25

Back when ARC.EXE was an unknown, I urged the Dog's users to
support this fine product. At this point in time, I urge you
all to please support Phil Katz and his PK(X)ARC series!


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