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Deletes obsolete FASTBACK PLUS "History" files and prompts when BU is ov.
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Deletes obsolete FASTBACK PLUS “History” files and prompts when BU is ov.
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Contents of the PLUSCHEC.DOC file

This program checks your FASTBACK PLUS backup history, and allows you to
delete unnecessary or outdated history files, and also will prompt you
when your last backup is more than a specified number of days old.

The syntax for this program is:


The first parameter should be the path location of your FASTBACK PLUS
history files. This directory is usually the same as the directory
where the FASTBACK PLUS files themselves are located.

The second parameter, the "3" is the number of the FULL BACKUP history files
that you want to keep. (It keeps only the most recent ones.)

Any INCREMENTAL or DIFFERENTIAL backups made since the last FULL
backup are retained, because they are current. Those which were made
obsolete by a subsequent FULL backup are deleted.

The third parameter, the "7" is the number of days between FULL backups.
If the date of the last FULL backup is older than this, you will be
reminded to perform a backup.

If either of the last two parameters is entered as 0 (zero), then the
corresponding feature is turned off.

It is suggested that you put this into your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, to
perform your cleanups automatically, and to remind you to backup.

You may enter the tail of the command line as an environment variable,
if you wish. The syntax for your AUTOEXEC.BAT file is:


This would allow you to simply enter PLUSCHECK at the prompt
and the above options would become the defaults. (Other options entered
on a command line can override these environment defaults)

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